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18 Clever DIY Hacks for Your Home ...

By Heather

For those of you that don't know, I just got a house in August and I absolutely love it – but I needed to do some research on some awesome DIY hacks out there for my home. I wanted my house to smell awesome, I wanted to find unique and different ways to repurpose things and I wanted to really come up with shelving that worked for me. If that sounds like you too, take a look below!

1 How to save Some Closet Space

room,furniture,product,shelf,brand,So, so so folding my shirts this way now.

2 Great Smelling Home?

cup,coffee cup,food,caffeine,drink,I've tried this multiple times and it so works!


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8 Zany Cleaning Utilities ...

3 Doorknobs for Towel Hangers

room,bathroom,sink,plumbing fixture,lighting,These are beautiful and handy!

4 Display Bracelets on a Paper Towel Holder

fashion accessory,jewellery,This will keep them uber organized.

5 Old Drawer + Knobs? Great Shelf!

fashion accessory,furniture,flower,SO doing this in my bathroom.

6 Repurpose Old Necklaces...

clothing,wedding dress,dress,gown,bridal clothing,And use them as curtain pulls.

7 Curb Appeal?

man made object,soil,backyard,garden,agriculture,Switch out your plants easily by planting buckets in the ground and placing the plants inside!

8 Tiny Space?

room,living room,home,bedroom,cottage,No problem! Use your nightstand as a desk.

9 Prop Your Bed on Risers

furniture,floor,flooring,hardwood,wood,And add in some plugs!

10 Use Rope to Hang Curtains

twig,hairstyle,wood,interior design,It's chic and ever-so-cheap!

11 Want a Pop of Color?

room,wall,furniture,floor,cupboard,Paint inside the door!

12 Hide Your Mouthwash

glass bottle,bottle,glass,drinkware,lighting,Place it in a cool bottle.

13 Half Painted Walls is a Beautiful Way to Add Color

room,living room,wall,home,interior design,...and to really make the room pop and lengthen.

14 Use Contact Paper …

Collagen,brand,design,interior design,furniture,To arrange your photo gallery before drilling holes.

15 Hinged Painting Will Hide Anything!

room,wall,house,floor,interior design,OMG – so going to use this!

16 Cut up an Old Laundry Basket …

green,product,pattern,design,interior design,For the PERFECT polka dots on your walls.

17 An Old CD Tower …

room,shelf,product,furniture,interior design,Can now hold all of your bathroom stuff!

18 Replace Ugly White Boards with Glass …

handwriting,font,calligraphy,art,writing,For the times you need to write things down.

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