Use These Storage Ideas to Organize Your Craft Supplies ...


Are your craft supplies threatening to take over your home? Put a stop to their plans with the help of the following storage ideas. These are small storage items that you can use to organize the many craft supplies that litter your desk, floor, and couch. We suggest doing and making all for the ultimate organizing experience.

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Crate Brush Organizer

Crate Brush Organizer These crates are available in school supply or craft stores. The home department of your nearest mall likely also carries them. Get some, give one side the chalkboard treatment, and then use said crates for organizing your craft supplies. You can also give your crates different paint colors according to the supplies that you plan to store. For example: red for paint brushes, blue for sewing notions, etc.



Button Jar

Button Jar How cute! If I had enough air dry clay, I'd be making something similar to this, for sure. For those who want to give this DIY craft room project a try, you will also need a mold, paper and scissors, paint, and sanding block. Your mold can be a mug or any container with a shape or size you want to follow. For the button lid, you can go the extra mile and poke holes. Once it dries, thread embroidery floss like an actual button.



Magnet Embellishment Board

Magnet Embellishment Board Do you scrapbook? Do you have lots of loose craft supplies that are quite hard to manage? Is your craft table littered with sequins? If you answered yes to all three questions, you will love this beautiful magnetic board storage idea. It's made of a framed metal sheet with a decorative aluminum layer. The containers are round tin jars with magnets glued to the bottom.



Washi Tape Storage

Washi Tape Storage Raise a hand if you're obsessed with washi tape. Raise both hands if you don't know how to store them. We feel you. We also point you to the direction of this clever washi tape storage idea. This is an easy DIY requiring only dowels and hinged hooks. You can assemble your washi tape display hanging from a frame, as shown above, or put them up on any wall of your craft area.



Embroidery Hoop Pockets

Embroidery Hoop Pockets I've always loved craft room DIY projects involving embroidery hoops. If you add pretty fabric to the equation, you got yourself an irresistibly cute storage idea. The great thing about this is that you can sew pockets according to the items that you plan to store. You can sew wide ones for packets of sewing needles or narrow ones for seam rippers, thread snippers, and other long tools.



Pegboard Yarn Storage

Pegboard Yarn Storage Storage idea that also doubles as art? We're all over it! This easy craft room storage project involves only cutting a pegboard to size, adding hooks, and then displaying the yarn. You can also fashion a frame for the board so that you can hang it in your craft room.



Wool Felt Mini Baskets

Wool Felt Mini Baskets This is a great alternative to the crate idea we've featured here. For this mini basket DIY to work, you will need to find thick wool felt. Leather should work, too. The pattern is a simple “plus sign” shape with the sides sewn together. Add buttons as embellishment.


Do not delay; start making these craft supply storage right away. The day that your craft room gets the Martha Stewart nod of approval is within reach.

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