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DIY ideas for your dorm aren’t hard to find, but finding the perfect one for you may be. College dorms come bland and boring, practically begging for you to spruce them up! Once you find the right one for you, you can use one or all of these DIY ideas for your dorm to help make it a home!

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Marquee Letters

Marquee Letters One of the simplest DIY ideas for your dorm is a word or name made out of marquee letters. You can light up your room and feel like a superstar when you decorate your walls with marquee letters. To make marquee letters, all you’ll need as a large cardboard letter, which you can get from your local craft supply store, an X-acto knife, string of lights, and pencil. Greylikesnesting.com has a great step-by-step tutorial for making adorable marquee letters, so check it out and get started decorating your dorm!


Melted Crayon Art

Melted Crayon Art I love melted crayon art! It’s spunky, creative, colorful and easy. You can hang up melted crayon art anywhere in your dorm to add life to that corner of your brand new home! To make a piece of beautiful melted crayon art, you’ll first need to sort out the crayons and organize them in a rainbow design, with all the purple shades together, slowly moving toward blues etc. After that, you’ll need to glue down the crayons to the top of a cotton canvas. Once all the crayons are settled you’re ready to go! Blow dry with your hairdryer until they melt and begin dripping. When you achieve the effect you desired, just sit back and admire your art work!


Clothes Pin Pictures

Clothes Pin Pictures Clothes pins are just so charming aren’t they? But they don’t serve much purpose in a college setting. One thing they’re good for though is decoration! You can use clothes pins to hang up pictures along your dorm room walls. The effect is lovely and inspired, allowing you to see all of your favorite pictures each day, but you can also easily switch them out for new photos containing new memories.


Mini Bulletin Boards

Mini Bulletin Boards Every "stereotypical" dorm room has a big bulletin board on the wall, hosting you and your roommates’ reminders and photos. But something a little less conventional is a series of several mini bulletin boards! They will hold just as much information, but prove to be much more unique and charming than their bulky counterparts.


Mason Jar Supply Holders

Mason Jar Supply Holders Who doesn’t love mason jars these days? Their country charm is trendy, and their function totally useful! One function of mason jars in a dorm room is holding supplies, which you’ll need a lot of as a college student! You can decorate your mason jars however you choose, then fill them with pens, pencils, even makeup brushes!


A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words Why just have pictures or words on your dorm room walls when you can have pictures and words in one! Spell out your name, a phrase, or an inspiring word with pictures you love! It will look unique, fun, and fabulous - just like you!


String of Lights

String of Lights No college dorm is truly complete without a string of lights. Light represents hope, even in troubled times, and joy in a frightening world. And guess what, college is a frightening new world filled with troubled times! Don’t get me wrong, college will certainly be a great chapter in your life, but when you’ve returned from a rough day and want to relax in your dorm, the gentle glow of string lights hanging from your ceiling and walls will bring you a ton of comfort.

Your dorm room is probably the first place you’ll be living apart from your family, so you’ll need to work hard to make it feel like home. Having nice, sister-like roommates will certainly help, but decorations make a huge difference when it comes to turning a place of living to an actual home. Which one of these DIY ideas are you eager to try? What other fabulous DIY projects have you tried in your dorm?

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I can't wait until I move away and go to college yay

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I've tried nearly all of these in my dorm. The lights are the best! They make the room look extra pretty.

Love the photo one!!

The letters are soo cute and spunky!!

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