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Everyone needs to spend some time looking for personal touches to add to your home. You can accomplish this by adding family pictures or other touches, but if you’re looking for a subtler route that doesn’t involve spending a full day of your life hanging 24x36 picture frames around your house, these few ideas will help get your decorative juices flowing. Finding personal yet subtle touches to add to your home doesn't need to be a chore, it can be fun and inspire creativity in you and your family!

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A Wall Collage

A Wall Collage A wall collage is one of the most perfect personal touches to add to your home. You can add virtually anything that says something about you and your family, whether it’s a family picture or your child’s artwork, which brings us to number two.


Your Child’s Art

Your Child’s Art Personally, I grew up with my artwork all over the house, and I always loved that my artwork was good enough to display in our home. I’m not an artist, but as a six-year-old, I thought I was. You might worry that your child’s artwork isn’t sophisticated enough to hang up in your home, but you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised with what your child brings home from art class!


Your Hometown

Your Hometown These prints have been making the rounds on Etsy and Pinterest, and I’ve completely fallen in love with them. Plus they’re so easy to make yourself. Prints of your home state with a heart over your hometown are the perfect personal touch to your home, especially if you’re feeling a little homesick. If that’s not really your style, there’s always some piece of your hometown you can find to display in your home!


A Marquee Initial Sign

A Marquee Initial Sign A marquee initial sign would be perfect for your wall collage, but it’d also be a gorgeous accessory to any home. I personally love marquee initial signs because monograms aren’t necessarily my forte, but marquee signs personalize your home with your initials without displaying monograms everywhere! If you have a quirkier decorating style like myself, marquee signs are definitely something to look into!


Display Your Trips

Display Your Trips I’m fairly positive that everyone has seen Martha Stewart’s adorable idea for displaying your trips in your home on Pinterest at one point or another. If you decide to go that route, display them in a place that a lot of people frequent. They’re a great conversation starter for the next time you have people over, plus they’re easily accessible without having to pull out bulky photo albums! If Martha Stewart’s idea isn’t really your style, try displaying your souvenirs in your home. As a child, my family went to Grand Cayman and came back with huge conch shells that are still displayed around our house. I’m not sure how we traveled with them, but it’s always been one of my favorite ways to display trips around the house.


Mix up the Monotony

Mix up the Monotony If you’re not worried about having full sets of flatware or dishes, try collecting unwanted dishware from your family. It’s an easy way to keep bits of your family with you; you’ll always think of them when you use their dish. If you like your full set of dishes, try doing this in other aspects of decorating, whether it’s with art, pillows, or even furniture. Wait until it’s unwanted, though. I don’t think your grandmother would appreciate it if she came home to a missing sofa.


Find a Signature Scent

Find a Signature Scent You probably have a signature scent. Your home deserves one too! Every home has a signature smell that immediately reminds you of the person or family. We associate memories with smells, so pick a good one!

What personal touches do you add to your home? Will you try any of these? Let me know in the comments!

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most look great, but I absolutely love the scented candles, also the the white framed pictures, I have the perfect spot for both, thanks

loved them! and that's awesome you visited cayman. I'm from there and it's changed a lot!

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