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7 Ways to Transform Your Bathroom into an Oasis ...

By Alicia

Would you just love to transform your bathroom into an oasis? I believe most girls dream of this from time to time. You want your bathroom to be a place that you can go to get away from the world while you take a leisurely soak or enjoy a new makeup technique. These are some ideas to help you transform your bathroom into an oasis.

1 Paint It a Soothing Color

Paint It a Soothing ColorIf you want to transform your bathroom into an oasis, you should start by painting it a soothing color. You want your bathroom to be painted in a color you enjoy and that makes you feel calm. Some good choices might in the shades of gray, blues or even pale and muted greens. You probably want to stay away from reds and yellows if you are going for a calming vibe. Think about how each color makes you feel when you are considering paint swatches.

2 Purchase a Fluffy Robe

Purchase a Fluffy RobeDon’t you love the luxurious feel of a fluffy hotel robe? There is no reason that you should only get to enjoy that when you are at a hotel. Why not purchase your own fluffy robe to have at home? This can really give your bathroom the oasis feel you are going for. Every time you slip it on, you will feel pampered.

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3 Install a Dimmer

Install a DimmerBright lights are important to have in your bathroom. You need good lighting when you are doing your hair and makeup. But bright lights can also feel harsh when you are trying to relax. It is a good idea to have a dimmer switch installed. You can have bright light when you need it and lower lights when you don’t.

4 Buy the Nice Towels

Buy the Nice TowelsThis is such a simple and economical way to transform your bathroom into an oasis. You can’t deny that a soft towel makes you feel wonderful. It’s true that the fluffier towels may cost a little more, but they are worth it. Additionally, make sure you choose the larger size for a lavish feel. You will love them even more if you buy them to match your newly painted walls.

5 Indulge in Bath Products You Love

Indulge in Bath Products You LoveYour bathroom will feel like an oasis when you indulge in bath products you love. This will be different for everyone. Some girls love bath and shower gels. Some love sugar scrubs or bubble bath. Whatever you enjoy, make sure you treat yourself to it.

6 Clean and Organize It

Clean and Organize ItThis one isn’t as fun as the others, but I can promise you it will make your bathroom feel like more of an oasis. No one will feel relaxed if they are in a dirty and cluttered bathroom. One good thing about this tip is that it costs nothing to do. You can also get started on it immediately.

7 Have Pretty Wall Art

Have Pretty Wall ArtPretty wall art can make your bathroom feel like an oasis. You might choose an inspirational saying for the walls. You may want something that reminds you of a place you love, such as the beach or a mountain retreat. This is going to be unique to your taste. Whatever makes you feel calm and at ease is the wall art you should choose. If you need inspiration, pay attention to what wall art is used at spas.

Turning your bathroom into an oasis is a great decision. What tips would you add to this list? I can’t wait to read them!

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