26 Seasonal Fall Patios to Spruce up Your Home ...


Many people use patio and porch interchangeably, so when I say fall patios, I mean either one. Technically however, a patio is uncovered, while a porch is covered. Either way, these fun fall patios are perfect for any outdoor space you have. And the best part is that they are super easy to create without having to spend a ton of money.

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Fall Foliage

Fall Foliage Via Modern Rustic Fall Wedding
The best way to create fall patios is to use a bunch of traditional fall foliage. The colors in these arrangements are perfect.


Fancy Bench

Fancy Bench Via Fall Window and Door Check
Welcome guests to your home with a fall inspired message on your bench pillow.


Big Planters

Big Planters Via Vintage Home Decor Eclectic House ...
These cute wooden crate planters pair really well with the bright yellow table and chairs.


Spookiest House on the Block

Spookiest House on the Block Via New Decor & New Home ...
If you want to create something for Halloween, add some spiders and other spooky accessories. This is awesome!


Mums and Pumpkins

Mums and Pumpkins Via Line Your Steps
The most traditional things you can use on your patio for fall are pumpkins and mums.


Rustic Wood

Rustic Wood Via CuriousSofa.com Blog
These wood candle holders would work any time of the year, but they look particularly fallish here, don't you think?


Add Some Burlap

Add Some Burlap Via Les jolies terrasses : 5 ...
There's just something about burlap that screams autumn. It pairs wonderfully with these bright orange pumpkins.


Lots of Fall Colors

Lots of Fall Colors Via Pretty Front Entry Decorating Ideas ...
You can really dress up your patio with all the best colors of the fall season.


Jack-o-lantern Planter

Jack-o-lantern Planter Via Jack o Planterns - Garden ...
This would be fun for your kids to make!


Pumpkin Planters

Pumpkin Planters Via Posts tagged: "front porch decor ...
Or, you could skip the carved face and just hollow out a few pumpkins for fall flowers.


Mums and Monograms

Mums and Monograms Via Pretty Front Entry Decorating Ideas ...
This is a really simple design, but still has lots of impact.


All Orange

All Orange Via Decorate Your Patio For Halloween ...
I like how the all orange flowers and pumpkins are tied together so well to create this cute patio.


Pumpkins and Candles

Pumpkins and Candles Via The 52 Best Halloween Crafts ...
Candles are a fun and easy way to add a great fall smell and lots of ambiance to your patio or porch.


Cute Scarecrow

Cute Scarecrow Via squidoo.com
Nothing says fall like a scarecrow. Isn't she adorable?


String Some Lights

String Some Lights Via Halloween Decorations Create Luminous Patio ...
String up a couple of strands of lights to highlight your fall display even when the sun goes down.


Loads of Flowers

Loads of Flowers Via midwestliving.com
Just because the weather has cooled off doesn't mean you can't load your patio up with flowers. Just choose those meant for fall so they last for a while.



Squash Via Fall Porch Decor with Plants ...
Don't stop with pumpkins. Add some seasonal squash to add personality to your display.


Leaves in Planter

Leaves in Planter Via the old white house
Fall leaves make the perfect addition to your patio decor.


A Little Lantern

A Little Lantern Via Fall Porch Decor - Scissors ...
There is nothing about this fall display that I don't absolutely love.


A Set Table

A Set Table Via A Modern Rustic Outdoor Feast
What a fun way to welcome all your fall guests! I wish I had room on my patio for this.


Piles of Pumpkins

Piles of Pumpkins Via Fall Planters - Traditional - ...
A bunch of piles of pumpkins are the perfect fall display. And piling them up is so easy!


Keep It Simple

Keep It Simple Via spruce ups with simple fall ...
The simple flowers, pumpkins and wreath make this porch perfect!


Orange and Black

Orange and Black Via 29 Cool Halloween Home Decoration ...
Sticking to an orange and black color palette is perfect for Halloween.


Filled Planter

Filled Planter Via Blog
This is a cute little display for small patios or porches.


Sitting Area

Sitting Area Via One Fall Wreath - Revived ...
This little sitting area looks so cozy!


Fabulous Fall Entry

Fabulous Fall Entry Via Acanthus and Acorn: Paula Deen's ...
I wish this was the staircase leading up to my house.

Do you decorate your porch or patio in the fall? Me too! Which of these ideas is your favorite?

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Great ideas! Fall is my favourite season!

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