Inexpensive Yet Totally Great Ways to Change up Your Home with the Seasons ...


Inexpensive Yet Totally Great Ways to Change up Your Home with the Seasons ...
Inexpensive Yet Totally Great Ways to Change up Your Home with the Seasons ...

Changing your home with seasons doesn't have to be expensive. Each change of season makes us want to give our home a face lift. It brings out creativeness in us. You can help your home to have a fresh look with these 7 ideas. They’re all under $20 and not only pep up your home but your spirits as well.

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Plant Some Flowers 🌺

flower, flowerpot, floristry, table, flora, I love freshly planted flowers. It’s such a beautiful reminder the world has come back to life. Gardening can be very elaborate but it can also be very simple. $20 will purchase you several containers of flowers as well as the potting soil you need. Going with a planned color scheme can give you great results.


Add Some New Throw Pillows to Your Sofa

duvet cover, orange, furniture, cushion, chair, Throw pillows can change the whole dynamic of a room. That’s because they can be a bright spot of color and a focal point. Changing your throw pillows can make your home scream the current season. Another idea that goes along with this one is to place a brightly colored throw out along with the pillows. This can actually be a no cost way to spruce up your home if you have some throw pillows from other rooms you can use.


Decorate Your Kitchen Table with New Placemats

dishware, porcelain, plate, tableware, ceramic, A beautiful kitchen table is always eye-catching. Designers know this which is why they always put a lot of effort into this area of a home. If you want to give your home a strong shot of seasonaldécor then your kitchen table is a good option for doing that. You can perk it up with new placemats and a new centerpiece for around or even under $20. Check your local dollar store to see what they have in this category.


Light a Candle

candle, lighting, wax, font, product design, Yes it’s that simple. The single act of lighting a candle can bring a change of season into your home. There’s a huge selection of fragrances to choose from when it comes to candle scents so finding something that says spring, summer, fall or winter isn’t difficult at all. You’ll love having a home fragrance that reminds you of the change in season.


Put out New Hand Towels

pink, flower, flower arranging, textile, tablecloth, Hand towels are a small way to add something new to your décor. They’re perfect when you want your home to reflect the seasons are changing. If you can’t find hand towels that have a specific design then consider purchasing some in seasonal colors or patterns.


Make a Wreath for Your Door

flower, pink, flower arranging, wreath, floristry, This is a high impact way you can spruce up your home for any season. Wreaths are very noticeable because they’re one of the first things people see when they enter your home. While there’re certainly pre-made wreaths you can purchase for under or around $20, I’ve found that you can get a much higher quality wreath for the same amount of money by making it yourself. You can also customize it exactly the way you want it.


Display a Bouquet of Flowers

pink, tablecloth, flower, lilac, textile, There’s no easier way to bring freshness into your home than by bringing in a bouquet of flowers. You can pick up flowers at almost any supermarket. I noticed some lovely tulips at my local Walmart last week for $5. Another option is to cut your own or gather some wildflowers which can make the prettiest, most delicate displays of all. Fresh flowers always make your home delightful.

These’re some easy ways you can spruce your home up under $20. Which ones do you plan to use? What’re your favorite decorating tips?

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