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I’m sure we all would love to have as much space as possible to decorate and live in, but sometimes that just isn’t the case. I have had my fair share of small bedrooms and living spaces, and while it may seem annoying, there are ways to make these areas seem bigger. I’ve found they can seem rather cozy and welcoming if you know some tricks to make them look a little larger. I have some of my favorites listed here for you👇

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Hang Curtains High

room, living room, property, furniture, interior design, I never really thought the placement of curtains mattered, but it actually can alter how big your windows look. The closer they are to the ceiling, the bigger they will appear. Having them higher up draws your eye up and makes the space feel more open. Bigger windows allow for more light, and more light makes a space feel more inviting too!


Use Light Paint🎨

white, room, floor, furniture, interior design, I love dark colors. Black is one of my favorites, actually, and so is burgundy. But these are best kept out of small spaces because they can make it feel claustrophobic. Try and compromise and use a muted gray shade instead of black, or a dusty rose instead of burgundy. Lighter colors reflect light and make rooms seem larger.


Buy Multipurpose Furniture

white, room, living room, furniture, home, If you’re cramped on space, there are plenty of options when it comes to furniture. A lot of pieces that you can buy feature various functions that can help you save space. For instance, many coffee tables or ottomans have storage inside that you can utilize. Some bed frames feature drawers built in. Look around and try to find pieces that can be functional while saving you space, too.


Color Coordinate

room, bathroom, cabinetry, lighting, sink, I’m all in favor of mixing and matching colors, but if you have a small bathroom 🛁 it is actually best to keep things relatively cohesive. Using towels that are all the same shade reduces the look of clutter and makes the room feel more organized and spacious. Also, a clear shower curtain goes with the minimalist décor and can make the room feel larger too.


Use Mirrors and Glass

room, furniture, interior design, wood, bed, Are you sensing a theme here? Anything reflective is great to have in a small space because it bounces the light around. Hanging mirrors up in certain spots can trick the eye into believing the room is bigger than it is. Clear furniture made out of glass or lucite are great pieces as well. Since they are see through, it will help with the space feeling larger. It also looks less cluttered and is very on trend right now.


Mount Shelves to Walls

shelving, furniture, shelf, table, wood, If you really want to maximize space, having your furniture up against the wall is key in order to give yourself walking room. It helps you not feel so cramped and makes things look more organized. Mounting bookshelves 📚 to the wall is a useful technique for both storage and aesthetic. You can use them for pictures, clothes, and of course, books. Try and stick to a color theme and make things as coordinated as possible if you really want a good look.


Use Smaller Lights💡

product, chair, furniture, lighting, table, While there are some gorgeous light fixtures out there, you want to opt for smaller ones if possible. Placing these strategically around your space can draw the eyes and make the room feel more expansive. Small lamps on bedside tables, a delicate chandelier over a reading chair, or a desk lamp are just a few suggestions, but play around with your options.


Simplicity is Key

living room, room, property, floor, home, Minimalism is a huge trend for home décor right now, and it’s not hard to see why. I always go crazy over pictures I see on Pinterest because the rooms look so pretty! Having just a few really awesome decorations can be better than too much in most cases. Keeping it simple is the best way to combine aesthetic with functionality. An organized, decluttered space will always seem bigger.

These are just a few ways that you can maximize your spaces and make them feel bigger than they actually are! If you have any of your own tips, feel free to share!

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