10 Chic Decor Ideas for Your Backyard ...


10 Chic Decor Ideas for Your Backyard ...
10 Chic Decor Ideas for Your Backyard ...

With the weather cooling down you can gather with friends and family while enjoying outdoors.

Try these 10 tips to decorate and design your dream backyard.

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backyard, home, outdoor structure, woodland, tree, There are several lighting options to choosefrom including string lights, rope lights, and hanging lights.

String lights are great for wrapping around surfaces such as trees, flower pots, and shine bright when included on a dining table.

Buzzfeed explains rope lights can be especially helpful in lighting up walkways and highlighting landscaping.

Hanging lights can be used throughout the backyard and while some hanging lights change colors, others blink.



flower, beauty, lavender, lilac, purple, To add additional color to your backyard, HGTV recommends planting fall perennials including the stunning Swamp Sunflower, the Plumbago flower which turns red in the fall, and Lilyturf.

These flowers will flourish throughout the fall season keeping your backyard blossoming.

Another idea for planting is to plant Lemongrass to deter mosquitos as Buzzfeed suggests.

While gardening, you can also get creative by carefully selecting which pots to put the plants in or you can build your own garden section.


Outside Table

flower, floristry, gazebo, flower arranging, outdoor structure, Decorating the outside table can make a big difference in the look for your backyard.

Country Living recommends repainting your chairs to give them a fresh new look.

“Add pops of color to a plain wood picnictable by painting the benches and tabletop with a bright hue,” Country Living says.

Adding color to your table will make it stand out.



furniture, table, plant, home, outdoor structure, Tea light candles can provide a nice touch to your backyard design.

There are also candles which are built to float in the pool.

Candles can provide light as well and can be used to light up a seating area.


Bird Feeders

bird feeder, bird bath, bird food, water, Bird feeders are another useful way to attract pretty birds into your backyard space.

Your friends and family can enjoy viewing hummingbirds when you have a hummingbird feeder.

Another effective way to attract birds would be to build a bird pond or a bird house.


Stepping Stones

pebble, rock, gravel, flowerpot, landscaping, Buzzfeed suggests creating “stepping stones out of cement, cereal boxes, and glass stone pieces with jewels.

This would be a family activity which you can do with your children.

One the stones are created you can make a nice pathway throughout the yard.


Fire Pit

backyard, lighting, yard, outdoor structure, landscape lighting, An outside activity which would everyone can participate in would be roasting marshmallows over a fire pit.

Everyone can get warm as they sit together and watch the fire.



product, handbag, bag, pattern, pattern, A Hammock is another way to relax in the outdoors.

According to Wayfair, there are different hammock size options and styles including a fabric hammock, a rope hammock, and a chair hammock.

The hammock will give you another activity to do outside in the fresh air.



living room, home, window, interior design, outdoor structure, Country Living advises to place mirrors in your backyard to add to the depth and space.

“Turn vintage windows into mirrors and hang them from a fence—the reflection created will add extra dimension and depth to your outdoor space,” Country Living explains.

Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or you like designing, this would be a unique project to take on.



garden, patio, backyard, outdoor structure, plant, Find even more creative lighting options through lanterns.

According to CountryLiving, one way to light up the night would be to use tin can lanterns.

Another project would include wrapping string lights in mason jars and setting the mason jars around the backyard table and area.

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