Most Stylish 😎 Countertop Materials for Girls 👩 Making a Statement 😱 in the Kitchen 🍴 ...

What are most stylish materials for kitchen countertops? As I try to get through this cold winter, nothing warms the soul like a good bit of house voyeurism. I mean who does not love taking in beautiful interiors? Of course, my adorable labradoodle, Zoey, is at my side, snuggling up with me under my cashmere throw.

Of course, the heart of every home is the kitchen and countertops have become statement pieces. We all love our granite and marble, however, sometimes a girl just wants to stand out from the crowd.

So if you are diy'ing a chic little condo or fixing up the rustic farmhouse of your dreams, know that you have plenty of choices, it actually can be a little overwhelming.

Fear not darlings, here are most stylish materials for kitchen countertops that are perfect alternatives to granite and quartz.

1. Soapstone

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Beautiful deep green with just a hint of veining. This material is wonderfully heat and acid resistant. Oil your soapstone for a darker smoother look. This is one of most stylish materials for kitchen countertops anywhere.

2. Concrete

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This amazing versatile and hardy substance allows for complete customization. The sky's the limit for concrete. With filler, you can avoid grout lines and seams, for a sleek look.

3. Marble

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Great for an elegant and expensive look that never goes out of style. The irony is that marble can actually be cheaper than granite. It can be a little high maintenance, but the beauty it adds to your kitchen is well worth it.

4. Butcher Block

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If you find stone lacking in warmth, then this is the countertop for you. It is beautiful, affordable, and can endure well with regular oilings.

5. Stainless Steel

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What if you are on the other end of the spectrum? You love ultra modern clean lines and metal surfaces make you think of high end restaurants. Then you might love stainless steel. It can transform the most humble space into a real gourmet chef's kitchen.

6. Leather

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For the edgy gal who wants her kitchen to truly stand out from the rest. Your countertops will have the beautiful look of all your expensive bags and boots but endure as well as any metal.

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