7 Cool Ways to Make Your Home Look Futuristic ...


7 Cool Ways to Make Your Home Look Futuristic ...
7 Cool Ways to Make Your Home Look Futuristic ...

Hey, have you always wanted to impress your friends and family? Do you need some ways to make your home look futuristic? Want to make your living space look like it came from the future? Well, this is the guide to help you to bring the future to the present. Enjoy all of these ways to make your home look futuristic.

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Wi-Fi Controlled Electronics

Control everything in your living space from the palm of your hand. The lights, TV, nest thermostat and even your game system. Especially use the LED bulbs that can change color which is good for parties. This is one of the best ways to make your home look futuristic.


LED Bulbs

This will save you a lot of money in the long run as well as help the environment, which is a great plus for this brilliant invention.


Hydroponics or Aquaponics

Growing your own fruits, vegetables and herbs will save your money on groceries and it’s a great way to learn about agriculture and urban farming.


Voice Command

Google home and Amazon's Alexa are at your beck and call to make your house or apartment feel like you're in Star Trek. Admit it, there have been times where you've walked into your house and said “computer, lights.”


Wireless Charging Pads

What better way to live in a wireless future (well mostly) than to charge your phones and game controllers wirelessly?


Functional Furniture

Get furniture that can serve more than its designed purpose much like the micro-apartments in New York.


Solar Power Station

You can teach your friends and neighbors about renewable energy and a nice profit can be made from selling energy back to the grid.

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