Luxurious DIY's 🌟🛠 That Any Girl Can Make🔧Using Trendy Hairpin Legs ...

Hairpin legs add a touch of Mid-Century Modern appeal to any piece of furniture. They give off that perfect blend of vintage and industrial. And the best part: you can buy the legs alone for some of your DIY home projects. Here are several DIY furniture ideas that make use of these awesome legs. They range from simple to somewhat complicated but all are fantastic DIY projects.

1. Add to a Tree Stump

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Talk about rustic and industrial chic! This simple DIY hairpin legs project requires a slice of tree stump, planer, sander, and several chemicals for preserving the look of the wood. There are many sources of tree stumps for you to consider for this project. You can order online or you can go the fresh route. If you do, you will want to let the stump dry indoors for at least three months first.


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