Create Something Whimsical and Bohemian with One of These DIY Feather Crafts ...


Create Something Whimsical and Bohemian with One of These DIY Feather Crafts ...
Create Something Whimsical and Bohemian with One of These DIY Feather Crafts ...

Feathers are lovely materials to craft with. They are great inspirations for many DIY projects, too, even if you don't use genuine feathers. If you have been looking for feather or feather-themed DIY ideas, we save you the hassle of web surfing with this fun list. Enjoy!

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Leather Headband

Leather Headband This is one beautiful DIY feather headband. Won't it be perfect for a Boho party? It looks like it will be just the right hairpiece for a Roaring Twenties-themed shindig as well. To make your own, you will draw a feather pattern on leather using a marker. You then fill in colors with alcohol inks. Once dry, you proceed to leather modeling and cutting. Attach to a leather cord or store-bought headband and then embellish.



Embellished Accessories

Embellished Accessories How cute! These are store-bought feather with embellished tips. As you can see, you can do more than just spray paint feather tips. You can also dip them with glitter and sprinkles. After embellishing, you can use them for home or party décor or for gift wrapping.



String Art

String Art I love how gorgeous the stringed feather shape looks against the dark wood. It has that rustic and ethereal feel, doesn't it? If you want to try something similar, this easy project calls for white string, nails, and a piece of wooden boards. Embroidery thread should work well for this craft idea. You can go multi-colored, too.



Feather Jewelry

Feather Jewelry Looking for feather accessories but not keen on wearing the real thing? Look no further because we have just the right DIY jewelry project for you. You find leather scraps, cut them into feather shapes, and then paint or embellish any way you want. Hang from earring hooks or chains to make Boho perfect handmade accessories.



Clay Feather Ornaments

Clay Feather Ornaments These pretty feathers are made of clay and were baked for a Christmas tree. I say you don't wait until the holidays to whip up a batch. These DIY feathers are quite beautiful enough to be displayed in your home all year. They can be perfect just-because gifts to friends, too.



Lamp Shade Makeover

Lamp Shade Makeover Look at this beautiful DIY feather lamp shade! The gold and navy blue together are simply lovely. This lamp used to be plain. But with feather-shaped decals, it left its boring existence behind. For this project, you can opt to redo your lamp using read-to-use feather decals. You can also make your own using a Sizzix machine. Another way to go about it is to hand-cut feather stickers using contact paper.



Feather Wreath

Feather Wreath How gorgeous! Again, this DIY feather craft project is geared towards the holidays but we think you should try making one now. You can simply change the colors of the feathers to make them more appropriate for the current season. Perhaps use oranges, yellows, and reds to represent autumn? Just like the previous project, this DIY feather wreath was made with the help of a diecut machine. The feathers were then painted gold along the edge and then glued to the wreath form.



Wall Hanging

Wall Hanging Nothing like a DIY feather wall hanging to announce to visitors that a fun-loving Bohemian lives in your house. These feathers were gold-tipped before hanging. Using feathers that come with patterns is important for this project. A tapered look for the final arrangement is also essential.


Excuse me while I make some feather leather jewelry. I love all ideas here but I need to stick with ones that doesn't call for real feathers because my cats go crazy over them.

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My (almost) 9 year old is into feathers. She'll love these craft ideas.


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