Create Something Whimsical and Bohemian with One of These DIY Feather Crafts ...

Feathers are lovely materials to craft with. They are great inspirations for many DIY projects, too, even if you don't use genuine feathers. If you have been looking for feather or feather-themed DIY ideas, we save you the hassle of web surfing with this fun list. Enjoy!

1. Leather Headband

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This is one beautiful DIY feather headband. Won't it be perfect for a Boho party? It looks like it will be just the right hairpiece for a Roaring Twenties-themed shindig as well. To make your own, you will draw a feather pattern on leather using a marker. You then fill in colors with alcohol inks. Once dry, you proceed to leather modeling and cutting. Attach to a leather cord or store-bought headband and then embellish.


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