7 DIY Owl Crafts to Make ...


7 DIY Owl Crafts to Make ...
7 DIY Owl Crafts to Make ...

I cannot get enough owls; from home decor, accessories, clothing, and even holiday ornaments, they are beginning to fill my house from top to bottom. They are trending this year more than ever and it's so easy to want to buy every owl that I see in shops like West Elm, Hallmark, Michaels Arts & Crafts, and even Kohls. But why buy more when I can experiment with these 7 DIY Owl Crafts to Make, which one will you put together...

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DIY Owl Sweater...

DIY Owl Sweater... Photo Credit: Trinkets in Bloom

A DIY owl sweater, yes please! You do not know how long I've been searching for owl print t-shirts and sweaters that aren't child or teen sized. Although I finally found the perfect one at Target thanks to my friendCafe Fashionista, I would still love to try this adorable painted DIY owl craft. This would make a great gift this holiday season for your owl obsessed friend!



DIY Owl Sandals...

DIY Owl Sandals... Photo Credit: Saving Artist Ryan

This DIY owl craft was inspired by a pair of sandals from Anthropologie, which everyone seems to be taking inspiration from lately with their DIY projects. If they all turn out as cute as these owl sandals, why not DIY cheaper versions of your favorite store's accessories. Do you love owls so much that you would wear them on your feet?



DIY OWL Lantern...

DIY OWL Lantern... Photo Credit: Glitter N' Glue

When I first saw this chic DIY owl craft I wanted to go out and buy all the ugly owls just so I could spray paint them gold to make them as fabulous as this one! Another fashionista friend Kristen from Glitter N' Glue turned a dollar store owl lantern into this high end product, not everyone can say they can do that! Well maybe if you have a magical can of gold spray paint, do you?



DIY Owl Wreath...

DIY Owl Wreath... Photo Credit: My So Called Crafty Life

The colors of this DIY owl craft may be more Spring to you than they are Fall, but change the colors of the felt flowers to your favorite colors of the season and you are set. I love the idea of taking ceramic owls and placing them on a branch for the middle of the wreath, this could be just a floral wreath but with the owls it becomes rustic and woodland. If you aren't crafty enough to make your own felt roses, I'm sure you could pick up pre-made ones at your local craft store.



DIY Owl Wall Art...

DIY Owl Wall Art... Photo Credit: Crazy We Go Blog

People silhouettes have become a very popular DIY craft for weddings and parties, so why not push the trend further and make owl silhouettes instead. This would be a great DIY owl craft to make for a Halloween party, but also one that you could keep up all year long if you like. I love the dictionary backgrounds that are used with the owl silhouettes, it gives them a vintage feel that is very in as well right now.



DIY Owl Paper Craft...

DIY Owl Paper Craft... Photo Credit: My Owl Barn via Lolly Chops

Have you always wanted to make the perfect owl feathers on your DIY card or scrapbook page, well now you can! How cool is this DIY owl craft, I can't wait to make him for one of my scrapbooks or maybe even put him on a greeting card. I love how she used a leaf punch to create his feathers, what a clever idea!



DIY Owl Table Stencil...

DIY Owl Table Stencil... Photo Credit: Piewacket

Do you have a little table that needs some help, why not spruce it up with this DIY owl craft idea! Is this not the cutest idea for a table you sit out on your porch during the Spring and Summer, I bet all of your neighbors will just adore your craftiness and will want their porch to look just as sweet!


Whether you're looking for a** DIY owl craft** to wear, hang up, or scrapbook, I think you'll find all of your owl needs covered in my list. I'm not sure if I could choose a favorite DIY owl craft, since I do love all things owl, but if I had to pick just one it would be the little gold owl lantern. He is just so chic and simple to create, so which DIY owl craft is your favorite?

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Awesome article. I have always loved owls and I am glad they have become popular.

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