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12 Fabulously Cute Fox DIY Projects ...

By Meream

If you're looking for fun craft projects, we give you here a list of adorable Fox DIY Ideas. From updating the look of your shoes to making toys to a simple home decor, these fox DIY projects will surely delight you. These** fox DIYs** are perfect for gift-giving or for creating things that you can keep for yourself. Enjoy!

1 Geometric Wall Art

Geometric Wall ArtThis is an easy wall art idea with a fox theme. Jessica used wood shapes to make this mod-like foxy wall art. She painted them in various colors but I think a single color will work, too. I recommend red-orange


2 Lamp

LampIsn't this the cutest? And would you believe me if I say that this used to be a fox stuffed toy? Clever! According to Katie: In a nutshell, you can brush Stiffy onto a plush animal, pull out the stuffing, and stick a string of LED lights inside. I love how simple it is!



BookmarksThe tutorial after the link is in Danish but this fox DIY project is so simple I bet you don't need to click the TRANSLATE button. Another bonus is the free template included. Download, print, and let these fox cuties keep you company while reading.


4 Place Mats

Place MatsThis one is painfully cute, too. This is a great idea for someone preparing an animal-themed kiddie party. Check out the link for the sewing how-to.


5 Scarf

ScarfHere is a fox DIY that fashionistas are sure to find delightful. Prudent Baby was nice enough to provide a pattern for this lovely fox scarf. Head on over to the blog to download and to check out the comprehensive DIY post.


6 Slippers

Here is another fox-themed DIY for the stylishly whimsical. This is a tutorial brought to us by Jessica of What I Wore. To give slippers a foxy makeover, you will need felt in black and orange, embroidery floss, scissors, needle, and a glue gun.


7 Plushie

PlushieWe can't make a list of fox DIY projects without including a toy, can we? Thankfully, we have this fun and adorable plushie tutorial from A Beautiful Mess. Isn't it cute? I think I will try this once I get a new batch of stuffing.


8 Leather Purse

Leather PurseThis fox purse is all sorts of cute, too. You will need a rectangular purse (thrifted or new), fabric glue, lace, white fabric, scissors, utility knife, pencil, and an eyelet punch to make this.


9 Knitted Purse

Knitted PurseHere we have another DIY fox purse but instead of giving an old bag a makeover, you will be knitting this. Check out the link below for the complete tutorial.


10 Ukelele

UkeleleNow THIS is cute and clever! From Ashley: Most customized Ukulele's [sic] are really expensive, but this will run you only about a few dollars. My kind of DIY. I might actually try this since my city is basically the guitar capital in my country.


11 Felt Brooch

Felt BroochTo make this adorable brooch, you will need felt scraps, knit fabric, embroidery floss, and a pin. Check out the link below to download and print the template.


12 Banner

BannerThis is a great and simple DIY for a banner that is too adorable for words. This is so easy you might end up making 20 meters of this banner to hang around your house.


Hope you enjoyed this list of fox-inspired DIYs! Which one tickled your fancy? I loved the lamp and ukelele ideas.

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