13 Darling DIY Gift Toppers ...


13 Darling DIY Gift Toppers ...
13 Darling DIY Gift Toppers ...

You're probably wrapping the many gifts you've purchased by now so we are here to offer help: DIY Gift Toppers! Because a beautiful gift topper will be a wonderful teaser of your equally fantastic gift. Or make your recipient feel less bad if your gift just happens to be not up to his or her standards. Either way, these DIY gift toppers will most definitely be well-received come "opening gifts" time.

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Embellished Glittered Clothespins

Embellished Glittered Clothespins Here is an easy and cute DIY gift topper idea. Add glitter to one side of a wooden clothespin and adorn with all sorts of Christmas-themed doodads using hot glue.



Ribbon Loom Flowers

Ribbon Loom Flowers This particular idea for embellishing a gift will require a certain nifty equipment: a loom. You can find one at a local craft store or online. Won't this be cute in pink ribbon or festive yellow?




Tassels How cute! Not only is this unique, this DIY gift topper is also simple and cheap to do. The materials that you will need to create these beauties are yarn, scissors, and a small piece of cardboard (5 to 8" long).



Paper Pom Pom


This DIY idea is making me want to go out and buy a ribbon puncher. Like RIGHT NOW. If you don't have one but you want to copy this gift topper craft project, I think scissors will work, too. Simply make slits near the center of the paper circles to create these cute pom poms.



Tissue Flowers


According to the tutorial, these " take about ten minutes of your time to create." My kind of craft project. I also love the fact that you make these using cheap tissue paper.



Rolled Paper Flower

Rolled Paper Flower From a tissue paper flower idea, we go to a rolled paper flower one. The pretty paper used here has handwriting prints but methinks sheet music will work, too.



Twig Trees

Twig Trees Aren't these adorable? And so simple to make, too. You will cut twigs and arrange into tree shapes. Add yarn or string embellishments and then glue to your gift. Easy and fun!




Nest Sure this looks like an Easter project but there is no higher authority saying that you cannot use egg-inspired crafts in December. So if you find this DIY gift topper all sorts of cute, I say go for it.



Fabric Peonies

Fabric Peonies How beautiful! I am a big fan of fabric flowers and let me tell you that making these are incredibly addictive. In fact, I may or may not have fabric flowers on my desk as I type this. I love them because you can use them for many projects. Gift wrapping is one perfect example.



Animal Toys

Animal Toys Very cute, yes? As you can see, the plastic animals are of the same colors as the gift box tops. However, spray painting the toys with another color altogether will work, too. I think gold or silver will be holiday-appropriate.



Foil Baking Cups

Foil Baking Cups This is another simple but beautiful DIY gift topper idea. Using foil cups is great because they shine oh-so-prettily. Of course, baking cups with pretty pattern will work, too.



Beads & Ribbon

Beads & Ribbon If you have a gazillion of loose beads in your stash box, you might want to use them for wrapping gifts this Christmas. The best part is that your beaded topper is basically a present, too, because your recipient can use it as a necklace or bracelet. Very cool, right?



Bay Leaves

Bay Leaves This** DIY gift topper** will make your present smell wonderful, for sure. The best idea for a gardener or a treehugger.


Got more fun DIY gift topper ideas? Don't be shy; share them with us!

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