Feng Shui Your Home for a Happier Living Space ...


Feng Shui Your Home for a Happier Living Space ...
Feng Shui Your Home for a Happier Living Space ...

There are loads of ways to use feng shui to make your home happier. When something feels wrong in our lives we feel discouraged and quickly sadness takes over our hearts and minds. It’s then when the delicate balance between yin and yang begins to fall and we start to feel uneasy.

According to Feng Shui, every emotion is linked to a specific organ of our body. Have you ever felt a pressure in your chest when you're sad? It’s almost like the pain actually comes from the heart! We feel shortness of breath and tend to sigh a lot. This is because the feeling of sadness is linked to the chest and lungs and has everything to do with breathing.

Did you know that when we feel sad our home stops breathing? We open fewer windows than usual, we close the curtains, we don’t stare at the beautiful world around us anymore, we eat poorly, we lock ourselves in.

Luckily, there are several ways to use feng shui to make your home happier.

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Metal Element: Magical Accessories

furniture, shelf, room, table, shelving, Energetic and vibrant, metal can help your home energy flow and you’ll feel revitalized when you surround yourself with metal accessories at home. Just add metallic touches in every room of your home for one of the best ways to use feng shui to make your home happier.


Water Element: Colors That Flow

furniture, shelf, shelving, kitchen, interior design, In the spaces where you spend more time, try to add textiles in white and add some blue and black - these are water colors. These colors will contribute to increasing the positive movement of your home’s energy. A chalkboard accent wall is perfect!


Let There Be Light

table, furniture, dining room, room, living room, Light is the beginning of all things. Start by changing the curtains. Choose lighter ones that let in lots of light. They can be white or any other light color. Open the windows! Let fresh air come in, even if It’s cold outside. Open them for a few moments a day.


Magic Sounds

shelf, product, light fixture, clothes hanger, product design, According to traditional feng shui schools, wind chimes are used to cure negative energy. Always be mindful of matching the material of the wind chime with the area element where you want to place it. A metal wind chime can be placed in the west, northwest, and north, while a wood or bamboo chime can be placed in the east, southeast, and south areas of your home.


Living Energy: Plants

furniture, sideboard, table, chest of drawers, living room, Plants bring joy to our lives! Add a beautiful bouquet in the living room or in your entryway and you’ll feel better as soon as you enter your home every day!


Living Energy: Pets

fur, mammal, cat, fur clothing, textile, Pets energy never fails! If you are lucky enough to own a dog or a cat be mindful of the time you spend with them at home. It’s a daily blessing to be thankful for.


Learn to Breathe Again

Breathing is part of any simple meditation technique and it’s so easy to perform! Add meditation to your daily routine, a little quality time with yourself: you deserve it!

Give it a try girls! This is not hard, as we all have an intuitive knowing, an immediate response to any quality of energy. It is only a matter of experimenting and starting to trust your inner voice. Everything speaks to you all the time, you just have to allow yourself to listen!

What do you think about feng shui? Let me know how it works out for you at home.

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