7 Savvy Ways to Spruce up Your Dorm Room ...

By Vrinda

7 Savvy Ways to Spruce up Your Dorm Room ...

Most college girls ask what are the easiest and most inspiring ways to spruce up your dorm room? Me too! When I had to buy stuff for college, I was so confused as to what I should get. My college was in another country and I could not take everything back. Also, being a minimal packer, I had to think about it strategically. In most colleges, you need to move your stuff every year to a new room which can be a hassle too! So I would recommend investing in little practical things that don’t take up much space whilst still looking adorable!

1 Plants in Cute Pots - a Perfect Combo of Savvy and Spruce

flowerpot, plant, ceramic, vase, product design, Being inside and prepping for exams and assignments can deprive you of fresh air so get some plants in that room for some much-needed oxygen. There can never be enough plants and you can always pass these down to other students once you are done with college. I have a bunch of succulents in mine, they are easily manageable and look so cute!

2 Beautiful Tapestry

textile, pattern, tradition, petal, This wonderful and calming piece of art will instantly add color to your dull room, and it barely takes any space.

3 Photo and Quotes Wall

product, lighting, design, product design, lighting accessory, Why not add some photos of your family to remind you of home and/or some photos of the fun things you do in college? Pictures give you a feel of home. Add some of your favorite quotes as well for continued motivation.

4 Weekly Wall Planners

furniture, wall, product design, product, interior design, Add a big weekly planner to your wall so you are well prepared for the next day and never miss an Important class, project, event or meeting.

5 A Big Map

furniture, room, bed frame, wall, interior design, How about buying a big map of the place you choose to study in? You can get to know your surroundings better and hit all those famous tourist spots and mark all the local places or nearby cities you want to check out. You should be well aware of the place you’ll be living in so why not familiarize yourself with street names and other important land marks.

6 Comfy and Cozy Bed

furniture, room, living room, textile, cushion, A bed is probably the most important thing in a college student’s life. With those long classes and late nights, you probably won’t get much sleep so when you do retire to bed, you should be very comfortable so you sleep peacefully. I would recommend investing in a comfy mattress topper, soft pillows, silky bed sheet and a fluffy duvet.

7 Humidifier/Diffuser

tableware, table, ceramic, This is not only going to relax you after a busy day and keep your room smelling fresh but keep your skin hydrated. They are pretty affordable, easily available and come in a bunch of different sizes. Some come with a night light too! Invest in some lavender essential oil as well, for a better night’s sleep. I cannot stress enough about the importance of sleep in college!

I hope these tips help you, and I wish all the best to girls joining college this year! I hope this new chapter of your life brings exciting adventures and more happiness. Make the most of it lovelies!

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