7 Ways to Give Any Room a Quick Makeover ...


7 Ways to Give Any Room a Quick Makeover ...
7 Ways to Give Any Room a Quick Makeover ...

At some point we've all had the same thought, how can I give my home a new look and what are the easiest ways to give any room a quick makeover? Seeing the same set up and colors in each room for too long can leave you feeling bored and uninspired. Obviously it would be crazy and expensive to try and re-create every room in your house to have a newer feel, but there are simple and cheap ways to quickly freshen up any boring room! Just follow these 7 ways to give any room a quick makeover.

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Rearrange the Furniture

For all of these ways to give any room a quick makeover, this is the simplest and cheapest way! If you have some free time, move around the furniture in the room you want to give a quick makeover to. Try out different variations until you find a look that makes you happy. You can also take to the Internet to find different room layouts that you can copy with your own furniture. In a matter of minutes one of your rooms will look completely new!


Moving your furniture around is a zero-cost solution but can create a huge impact. Think about the flow of the room and how you utilize the space. Something as simple as angling a couch, moving a side table, or even repositioning artwork can breathe fresh life into a place. If you're feeling adventurous, mix and match pieces from other rooms to add a sense of novelty. Remember, it's not just about aesthetics but also about creating a functional space that caters to your lifestyle. So go ahead, push, pull, and slide your furniture until the room feels just right!


Hang Lights

A few times when I've felt my bedroom becoming boring, I decided to hang up some string Christmas lights to give my room more of a fun and romantic glow. There are plenty of different decorative lighting fixtures that you can get for any room. Not to mention, choosing the proper interior home lighting is perhaps one of the most important facets of decorating your home because it creates an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. Pendant ball lights are also a great and creative lighting source that are usually not expensive and come in many different colors!


Choosing the right lighting can dramatically alter the mood of a room. Fairy lights draped over a headboard or intertwined with sheer drapery can create a magical ambiance. For those looking to add a touch of sophistication, installing dimmer switches provides the ability to adjust the brightness to suit any mood—whether it's a relaxed evening in or setting the stage for a cozy dinner party. Don't forget, lighting isn't just functional; it's an essential aspect of your room's personality, so choose lights that reflect your unique taste!



If simple changes like rearranging your furniture or hanging lights just aren't going to cut it, it's time for a home improvement project. Repaint your walls a different color! Try to match the new color to your furniture so you don't cause the extra expense of trying to get new ones. Vibrant colors are a great way to give the "wow" factor to any room. Also, if you don't want to paint your whole room, paint one wall a contrasting color or even just some boarders. This has become quite a popular look lately and is much easier and quicker than painting the entire room.


New Decorative Pillows

Not loving the color scheme that you have in your living room anymore ? Change the decorative pillows to another complementing color. If you have neutral colored walls it's easy to change to color scheme of your living room by simply changing things like the decorative pillows on your couch or the decorations on your wall. Keep in mind that you should try and use two pairs of pillows, in contrasting patterns, colors, and textures. Also, if you have a big selection of books, pick out certain books with cover spines that match the new color scheme of your room to display as a way to add even more color to the room.


Update Your Decorative Photos

Many times I have had an old photo sitting in an album forever when I've had plenty of newer and nicer looking ones to display instead. Go around and replace or add to your photos that are already on display. Another fun thing to do is to give all of your photos a theme. Make all of your photos sepia toned, or black and white with just one color in each photo that stands out to match your room's color scheme. Adding photos you love to any room can help you to be happier and gives a great conversation piece when people come to visit and see them.


New Bed Set

What makes a bedroom? The bed! So why not change up your bed set if you've had one for too long. A simple bed set change can help to quickly makeover any bedroom. If you don't want to change your entire comforter set, then you can even just change the sheet color, add different decorative pillows, or add a color matching throw blanket to the end of the bed. Just adding simple things to your bedroom can help to give it a quick makeover!


Consider Your Closet

Being a woman, my closet is sacred to me. So why do I treat it like a hole in the wall rather than its own separate room? Paint your closets, paper them, hang pictures in them, or color coordinate your clothes to inspire you. Another must for your closet makeover is to light it! What's the point of having an amazing shoe, handbag, and clothing collection if you can't see any of it? By fixing up your closet, you can help to make whatever room it's in look better with it. Consider doing this especially if your closet is visible from your bedroom!

The quickest and not to mention cheapest way to give any room a makeover is by using what you already have. Change your color schemes but make sure to have it still match your furniture or wall color if you don't want to repaint or buy everything new. Try to look through Pinterest or magazines in order to get inspired! What have you done recently to give a quick makeover to your home?

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