8 Tips for Creating Matching Home Decor Accessories ...


8 Tips for Creating Matching Home Decor Accessories ...
8 Tips for Creating Matching Home Decor Accessories ...

Matching home decor really makes your room pop. I'm not saying that every single thing should match, but if you have paintings that echo the patterns or colors on your couch or throw pillows that blend with the designs in your rugs, you can really bring the decor together. I'll be honest, I got caught up in a whim to try this myself by creeping on the Facebook of a girl I went to high school with. She's done wonders with tons of DIY techniques and the result is the most stunning matching home decor I've ever seen. So let's you and me try some of these things together!

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Create a Color Palette

My first tip for creating matching home decor involves picking out your color palette, because everything springs from the hues you use. If you're into monochromatic color schemes, for instance, then you'll really only need pops of color. If, on the other hand, you want a citrus rooms, you'll have to pick different shades of orange, yellow, and green, then make sure they mesh well.


Go on a Painting Spree

The girl I creeped is an artist, and actually created abstract paintings that matched the colors in her bedroom and the patterns on her bedspread. She did the same in her living room and bathroom. The effect was stunning! Now, although I cannot paint or draw to save my life, even I can manage something abstract and modern. If you have a uniquely patterned pillow, rug, or comforter, why not try this yourself? It doesn't have to be complex – although if you're an artist too, you can really go wild!


Tons of Textures

You can also bring your decor together by mixing and matching different textures. Doing this also creates complex dimensions within your room, which is an excellent way to draw the eye to your favorite areas and pieces. I'll discuss this more in later tips, but one way to play with textures involves creating your own accent pieces with scraps of fabric.


Fun with Fabric

Which brings me to this tip! There are several ways to have fun with fabric and create matching decor, including that bit above. You could also cover pillows and couch cushions in a matching fabric, or make the cushions on your dining room chairs match a rug in the kitchen area.


All about Accent Walls

If all else fails, create yourself an accent wall. It can be as bright or as wild as you like, because it's just the one wall. The eye won't be overwhelmed by too much color or design. What you should do is pick a complementary or even a contrasting color to one of the central pieces in the room, whether it's a couch, a large chair, a rug, or a bed. By painting the wall in the shade you choose, you'll be emphasizing both that wall and your prized piece or design.


Playing with Painter's Tape

As you paint, you should have fun with painter's tape. The tape makes it incredibly easy to create fantastic designs on the wall. As a result, you can easily mimic a preferred pattern, such as stripes on a pillow or even circles on the rug.


The Joy of Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a fun idea as well. You may luck out and find wallpaper that matches the pattern on your bedspread. Conversely, you could paper one wall in white paper and actually paint it yourself! Going back to the textural tip, why not paper your accent wall, and then frame squares of the paper to hang on opposite walls in the room?


Love Your Lampshades

When you're trying to match textures, colors, patterns, and designs, turn to your lampshades for help. Cover it in fabric you love or choose a plain white shade and decorate it as you like. Do it with all your lampshades, in fact; you can either make them all match your favored color or pattern, or you can alternate between solid colored shades and designer ones.

It's really not hard to make your home decor items match. Even if you aren't artistic, per se, you can easily experiment. Just have fun with it, because even that makes your decor all your own. What do you think about matching home decor, is it too much or does a little go a long way?

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