Holiday Tablescapes Inspos for the Season ...


Holiday Tablescapes Inspos for the Season ...
Holiday Tablescapes Inspos for the Season ...

There's something magical about hosting for the holidays. That means decorating your house and setting a fabulous table. There are so many different ways to create a tablescape to impress all of your guests. Need some inspiration? Here are all the ideas you could ever need.

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Simple Candles and Greens

white, green, flower, icing, buttercream, Source:
Save money by labeling a butcher paper tablecloth instead of making everyone their own place marker.


Snowman Place Settings

red, table, art, furniture, wood, Source:
Here's a really cute and festive way to have some fun with your tablescape.


Rustic Candles

lighting, tablecloth, candle, centrepiece, table, Source:
Simple white candles are cheap and easy to find, making them perfect for your holiday decorating.


Greens with Gold Stars

meal, centrepiece, flower arranging, room, floristry, Source:
Green and gold are perfect colors for your holiday decorating.


Set a Pretty Christmas Scene

christmas, christmas tree, tree, christmas decoration, holiday, Source:
Don't you just love the plaid and the little deer friends? So cute!


Lanterns Are a Great Idea

dining room, table, room, furniture, wood, Source:
Lanterns filled with candles and pinecones is a fast and easy way to create an impressive tablescape.


Bring Fun to the Kids Table

party, event, meal, baby shower, and, Source:
Make sure the kids have a fun place to sit too. They'll be so excited.


Make Them into Favor Bags

white, centrepiece, flower, lighting, wedding, Source:
These cute table decorations can go home with your guests as favors when the day is over.


Festive Napkins

red, christmas, christmas decoration, food, flower, Source:
What a cute way to decorate simple white napkins for your holiday parties.


Mad for Plaid

pattern, meal, Source:
A plaid and gold color scheme is perfect for the Christmas season.


Wood Slices and Gold

meal, centrepiece, ceremony, flower arranging, wedding, Source:
The wood slices make a great alternative to your traditional holiday chargers and add a rustic Christmas feel to your table.


Green on Black and White

tablecloth, meal, art, party, table, Source:
You might not consider black a Christmas color, but it looks great with green and red.


Traditional Green and Red

meal, flower arranging, dinner, centrepiece, restaurant, Source:
Of course, there's nothing wrong with the traditional red and green look either.


Copper and Gold Holiday Table

wood, carving, material, Source:
What's not to love about this decadent tablescape? What's your favorite part?


Gold and Silver Holiday Table

centrepiece, lighting, chandelier, candle, light fixture, Source:
If you want to do something totally elaborate, this gold and silver creation is fabulous.


Stick with Something Simple

flower arranging, plant, christmas decoration, branch, floristry, Source:
This is really simple, but it has a lot of impact and is perfect for a casual Christmas gathering.


Lots of Trees

room, dining room, tablecloth, interior design, meal, Source:
When you're decorating your table for Christmas, you can never have too many trees.


Use Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are a wonderful alternative to your usual table settings.


Make It Fun with Santa

red, product, tablecloth, lighting, shape, Source:
You can never go wrong with Santa and candy canes so make them part of your table decor.


Festive Greenery and Gold Details

flower arranging, centrepiece, christmas decoration, floristry, flower, Source:
There's nothing not to love about how the green and brown combines perfectly with the white and crystal on this table.


One Big Centerpiece

dining room, room, table, living room, furniture, Source:
If you're setting just one smaller table, a single large centerpiece is perfect.


Simple and Cozy

meal, art, Source:
You might have everything you need to make this tablescape right in your home and yard.


Festive Dishes

christmas, christmas decoration, art, christmas tree, pattern, Source:
Fancy Christmas themed dishes are a super fun way to bring the festivity right to your tablescape.

Which of these is your favorite? What other ideas can you share?

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