Thanksgiving Decor Inspo for Girls Who Love Fall ...

By Eliza

Thanksgiving  Decor Inspo for Girls Who Love Fall ...

It's almost here and you are probably wondering what fun crafts you can make for Thanksgiving this year. Whether this means keeping your kids entertained or giving yourself something to do on your days off, there is sure to be a craft here you can copy. Click the links for the tutorials. Have fun!

1 Popcorn in a Candle Holder

Popcorn in a Candle Holder This is easy to do, it looks great and smells good too.

2 Glitter Leaves

Glitter Leaves Glitter dipped leaves are great for haning anywhere in your house.

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3 Thanksgiving Turkey Treats

Thanksgiving Turkey Treats The kids will love eating these as much as they love making them.

4 Painted Acorns

Painted Acorns You can scatter these on tables or pile them in bowls. Fun!

5 Fall Candle Centerpiece

Fall Candle Centerpiece Faux leaves, burlap strips and twine are all you need for this great craft.

6 Turkey Pretzels

Turkey Pretzels Here's an edible craft everyone will be thankful for.

7 Toilet Paper Tube Turkey

Toilet Paper Tube Turkey You can easily get the kids in on this fun craft.

8 Clay Pot Scarecrow

Clay Pot Scarecrow Isn't this guy adorable?

9 Hand Painted Mason Jars

Hand Painted Mason Jars Wrap some jars in burlap and stamp them with letters. Easy, right?

10 Fun Thanksgiving Craft for Kids

Fun Thanksgiving Craft for Kids Would your kids love making this craft?

11 "I Am Thankful" Box

"I Am Thankful" Box Your family can put their notes inside and you can share them over your turkey dinner.

12 Tulle Turkey Wreath

Tulle Turkey Wreath This is really easy to make and super fun to hang on your front door.

13 Turkeys from Corks

Turkeys from Corks You just found something great to make with your wine corks.

14 Reversible Scarecrow/Snowman

Reversible Scarecrow/Snowman When Thanksgiving is over, flip this around to find a snowman on the other side.

15 Recycled Wine Bottles

Recycled Wine Bottles These are so cute!

16 Indian Corn Wreath

Indian Corn Wreath This will look great inside or outside.

17 Fill a White Pumpkin

Fill a White Pumpkin This sophisticated craft is perfect for your Thanksgiving table.

18 Cute Paper Turkey

Cute Paper Turkey I bet you have some paper scraps lying around you could use to make this.

19 Fall/Thanksgiving Candle Holders

Fall/Thanksgiving Candle Holders Where would you put these?

20 Tiny Pumpkin Turkey

Tiny Pumpkin Turkey This little guy will make all of your guests smile!

21 DIY Decorative Wine Bottles Wrapped with Twine and Fabric Flowers

DIY Decorative Wine Bottles Wrapped with Twine and Fabric Flowers Don't you just love the colors here?

Which of these crafts do you want to do first?

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I love the acorn idea adorable!😍😍

I'm a do-it-yourself gal I just love all of these crafts. The one in particular I love most is craft #10. It is my nine month old son's f . irst thanksgiving will make it EXTRA special



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