7 Simple Thanksgiving Decorations πŸ‚ for Your Apartment 🏠 ...

Thanksgiving decorations are few and far between. Everyone remembers to decorate for Halloween and then for Christmas, but decorating for Thanksgiving can sometimes be forgotten. Here are seven Thanksgiving decorations that are easy and simple enough for an apartment but will look great in a house as well.

1. Painted Pine Cones

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Pine cones are great for Thanksgiving decorations. In fact, they look great throughout the fall and winter seasons. Pick some great looking pine cones while out on a walk or visiting a park. Then, bring them home and dip them in the paint color of your choice. You can even select various paints to bring a big splash of color to your home. Display the pine cones on your dining room table in a large vase, or scatter them along your mantel.

2. No-knife Pumpkins

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Pumpkins – more specifically, Jack-O-Lanterns – are a staple dΓ©cor option for Halloween, but why not save the knife and use pumpkins for Thanksgiving decorations, too? You can buy pumpkins for lower prices on or just after Halloween when stores are trying to get rid of them. Then, you can paint them in solids, patterns or with stencils. Grab and paint different sizes for visual variety. You can even dip them in glue and cover them with glitter. The options go as far as your imagination! Set them up on your porch, balcony or entryway and save the carving for the turkey.

3. Autumn Leaves

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In the fall, leaves are so beautiful. If you’re in an area that has gorgeous autumn leaves all the way through Thanksgiving then you’re in luck! Grab a number of leaves in various colors and incorporate them into your dΓ©cor. You can simply toss them into a vase or basket, or you can paste them to a plain wide candle. The great thing about using leaves to decorate is the simple clean up. Once it’s time to switch your dΓ©cor, you can just throw them back outside!

4. Cranberries and Candles

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Cranberries aren’t just for making sauce at Thanksgiving. They are beautiful in decorations, too! Place them in a shallow bowl and add a candle in the middle for a warm, inviting centerpiece. If you have a number of mason jars, store cranberries inside them and display them on your mantel or on your kitchen counter. The bright, vibrant red will really spice up your Thanksgiving dΓ©cor.

5. Bundle of Wheat

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Waving wheat sure smells sweet, and it’s also a quick and easy Thanksgiving decoration! You can find artificial wheat at your local craft store or, if you live in an area where wheat is abundant, scope some up where you can! Use decorative string or satin ribbons to tie the bushel. Choose string or ribbon in fun fall colors to make the decoration really festive.

6. Fall Wreath

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A wreath on the front door is welcoming and gives an indication of a warm and festive home. Construct a wreath using artificial branches or a foam wreath from a craft store. Add colorful leaves or autumn flowers to give your wreath a decorative look fit for Thanksgiving. You may even find some fun additions like mini turkeys or pumpkins at the craft store that you can add to complete your wreath.

7. Harvest Cornucopia

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If you like all of these ideas and aren’t sure where to start, why not do them all? Grab a wicker cornucopia from a craft store and fill it with pine cones, small pumpkins, leaves, and cranberries. Add basically anything with a natural, harvest feel. Be sure to let the pieces β€˜spill’ out across your mantel or table. The trick is to stuff the innermost part of the cornucopia with foam, paper or any sort of filler that will take up space where nothing can be seen, then add in the colorful fall pieces.

You see? There’s no need for your home to be sans dΓ©cor between Halloween and Christmas. Thanksgiving decorating is fun, easy and fairly inexpensive. Which decoration will you try for your home? Do you have ideas for Thanksgiving decorations you would like to share?

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