7 Helpful Tips to Use when Redecorating Your Bedroom ...


7 Helpful Tips to Use when Redecorating Your Bedroom ...
7 Helpful Tips to Use when Redecorating Your Bedroom ...

I find it easy to become bored with my bedroom pretty quickly, so if you're like me, I'd like to share some tips with you for redecorating your bedroom. A woman's bedroom is her sanctuary, as I see it. It should be cozy, calm, and inspiring. Though I love filling my bedroom with pretty things that make me feel at home, I also have to remember it's important not to overcrowd it. If you feel like your bedroom could use a makeover in some form or fashion, feel free to use some of these helpful tips for redecorating your bedroom. They're simple to implement, and they make a huge difference! Then, feel free to go to bed admiring your handiwork, and wake up in a brand new room!

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Use Pattern and Color to Create Mood

Use Pattern and Color to Create Mood If a certain pattern just sends you over the moon, be sure you include it when redecorating your bedroom. For instance, do geometric designs or floral prints make you feel at home? Or, what about simple colors paired with minimal pattern accents such as simple white with embedded swirls or circles? My personal favorite includes classic neutral colors with a pop of classic leopard print in small pieces here and there. Take whatever pattern you enjoy, and use it to make your own headboard, or just buy a few simple pillows for your bed in the pattern instead. Even a simple flower vase or blanket throw is a great way to use a pattern in your room.


Make the Headboard a Focal Point

Make the Headboard a Focal Point It's important to create a focal point when redecorating your bedroom, and the rule of thumb is to make it your headboard. Never have your headboard out of direct eye's view when walking into your room. It should be facing the doorway. That being said, your headboard should be nothing short of fabulous as the focal point. You can either re-cover the one you have in fashionable fabric, or even a nice printed piece of fabric. A basic cushion headboard is also a nice touch, or you could even add canopy bed curtains for flair. Also, be sure the throw pills on your bed are statement pieces as well. These can be pattern prints, or even simple colors with initials. Since they lay directly underneath the headboard, they should be a statement piece all of their own.


Indulge in Beautiful Bedding

Indulge in Beautiful Bedding Your bed is the highlight of your room, and it should be covered in a print that is nothing short of amazing. When purchasing your bedding, it doesn't have to be the most expensive, but it should be something you love, and something that matches your the color of your walls well. Unless your'e going to paint your room, of course, then just pick whatever bedding you like. When shopping for sheets or linens, don't worry so much about the thread count, but instead, pick a fabric that you'll enjoy. My personal favorite is the "t-shirt cotton blends" which are super soft and incredibly cozy. Your bedspread should be stylish, made of a nice thick material, and should be something that won't stain easily or show wear and tear in a couple of months. Feel free to keep the colors simple, but be sure it's something you will love. Even bold prints have their place in the bedroom, so long as they're something you enjoy.


Introduce Glamour with Mirrors

Introduce Glamour with Mirrors Don't leave out a fashionable mirror when redecorating your bedroom. A huge glamorous mirror was one of the best pieces I ever added to my own room, and I'd advise you to do the same. Mirrors can help bring in light, even in a dark room, which is important for creating a prettier room. A little sparkle and shimmer also create a nice intimacy, sense of life, and femininity to a room as well. Choose a mirror that fits in with the style of your room. Whether it's romantic, modern, or classic, there's a mirror made for you! Be sure to keep your mirror at eye level, or just above. They should never be too high, or too low. If your mirror is wall size, be sure it's centered. Also, be sure not to hang your mirror on the same wall as a window. This will help balance out the light in a room since the light from the window can reflect off the mirror.


Pile on the Pillows

Pile on the Pillows Pllows are one of the most underestimated items you can use to add style and decor to a room. Don't use just one or two either. Pile them on! Pillows are fantastic to use in abundance, and can be mixed from all different styles and patterns of your choosing.


Reveal Your Personal Side

Reveal Your Personal Side Be sure your bedroom is exactly what you love. When someone walks in your room, they should know it's yours without you telling them. Having your bedroom replicate your personality is important, because that's what will make you feel most comfortable. Choose colors, pieces, fabrics and prints that all fit in with your personality.


Dress the Windows for Style and Privacy

Dress the Windows for Style and Privacy Windows are the perfect place to pretty up your bedroom when redecorating it. Be sure to pick beautiful window embellishments. People's eyes, including yours, are drawn to the window's light when you enter, and the right dressing for your window can make or break the appeal of your bedroom. You need to make sure to choose curtains or drapes that don't stop the light from coming in, and be sure to add accents to your windows as well. For instance, consider draped Roman swags to hang over the top, and use drawstrings to encase them in the center of each side coming down the window. This allows for the curtains to shine, but not hide the light. A little embellishment goes a long way. Just be sure you choose matching colors and fabrics that you like. Curtain rods with accents on the ends to match are also a nice touch too.

If you're like me, redecorating your bedroom at least once a year is one of the most refreshing activities to do. I usually do it at the start of the new year for symbolic reasons. Whenever you decide to redecorate your own room, I hope you'll consider some of these tips. What's your top tip for redecorating your bedroom?

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