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7 Ways to Create Your Own Coffee Table ...

By Diana

Sometimes store bought coffee tables are just too big to fit in our space or just don’t go with our decor, which is why I have a few ideas for you to create your own coffee table! From using craft crates to plumbing pipes, anything goes. All you really need is an open mind and some creativity to see how unique pieces can be used to create your own coffee table.

1 Craft Crate

Craft CrateThis is probably one of the easiest ways to create your own coffee table, and one of my favorites. Craft crates are trending in home decor and can be used for many things. The great thing about using craft crates or vintage wine crates as a coffee table is the amount of storage you will have on all four sides from the crates being turned on their sides. You can also make the open middle space a planter like blogger Jess did over on

2 Pallet Wood

Pallet WoodThis coffee table DIY is another good one if you are looking for a table with storage. There are so many ways to create your own unique pallet coffee table design to give it a look no one else has. You can paint it, double the pallets, use a glass top, or give it a herringbone/chevron pattern like blogger Manda did over on Her design is one of my favorites, I also love this one over on

3 Repurposed Table

Repurposed TableOK, so most of these ideas come from repurposing something else, but this coffee table DIY is made from repurposing a smaller table and using it for your coffee table. Bloggers Monica and Jess over on took two small Adirondack tables and large pieces of barnwood and customized their very own coffee table! With a little bit of an imagination, you can turn any old table into a coffee table.

4 Industrial Pipes

Industrial PipesI just love modern, industrial decor like this DIY plumbers pipe coffee table, seen on Can it get any cooler than that?! You can spray paint the pipes to match your decor and use pallets, old barn wood, or plywood as your top. What color would you spray your pipe coffee table legs? I bet a copper color would look pretty fantastic looking!

5 Wine or Whiskey Barrel

Wine or Whiskey BarrelThese coffee table DIYs just keep getting better! You have to check out this awesome whiskey barrel tutorial over on Many barrel coffee tables that you have probably seen on Pinterest just have a glass table top glued down, but this guy created a lift top to use the inside of the barrel for storage! Pretty amazing, right? This is a great idea for a man cave...or woman cave if you’re using a wine barrel!

6 Vintage Suitcase

Vintage SuitcaseI just adore the look of vintage suitcases and how adorable they look repurposed as a coffee table. There are so many creative DIY projects I’ve seen using vintage suitcases; for storage, as a wall cabinet, bedroom side table, etc. Check out this tutorial over on to see how you can make your own vintage suitcase coffee table or give one as a gift. I know I would love that!

7 Rustic Door

Rustic DoorAnother crazy but really cool idea for your DIY coffee table, using an old rustic door! Based on how large your room is, you can either use the door as is, or cut it down to size and use the other pieces for the sides like they did over on How creative is this table? I just love it!

What are some ideas you have for creating your own coffee table?

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