7 Ways to Use Christmas Lights All Year round ...

By Neecey

7 Ways to Use Christmas Lights All Year round ...

I’ve found some great ways to use Christmas lights all year round. We all love to decorate the house for the holidays but as lights are so pretty, why pack them away each year only to be brought out for just two weeks? String of lights are so versatile, as these ways to use Christmas lights will show.

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1 Night Light

Night Light Does your precious little prince or princess need a night light? One of the ways to use Christmas lights year round is to provide a soft glow to a child’s bedroom. You could wrap them around the headboard, or even nicer, tack them around the frame of a closet, bookcase or shelving unit. You can go with whatever color and style fits the room – the options are endless for boys and girls alike.

2 Wall Art

Wall Art You know those string art pictures that are so simple yet so effective? You can make it even more effective if you make a piece of string art using your Christmas lights. The only limit here is your imagination. Make a heart in the bedroom, or make a picture relevant to the theme of any room. Like the first point, a string of lights arranged to make a picture can also double as a night light in a kid’s room. Draw the outline of your desired shape and then knock in nails at strategic points so you can wrap the light wires around to form the shape.

3 Bed Canopy

Bed Canopy It’s so easy to inject romance into the bedroom with some tulle and strings of Christmas lights. Drape long pieces of tulle in huge swags and swathes over and around the bed and weave in the lights. Any soft draping fabrics will do – organza or fine nylon work just as well as tulle. And let your imagination soar with your choice of colors for the fabric and the lights.

4 Photo Display

Photo Display So many of us lock our photos away on our computers, hardly ever to see the light of day, but you have some really cheap artwork right there. One of the great ways to decorate with fairy lights to create a fabulous display is to string the lights across a wall and peg photographs along them. It’s a really cheap way of making a feature of a blank wall.

5 Mirror Glam

Mirror Glam Ok, so you can’t afford a Hollywood style dressing room mirror but you can have the next best thing. Decorate your favorite bedroom mirror with a string of fairy lights and you’re all set for some Hollywood glamour makeup or dressing.

6 Banish a Dark Corner

Banish a Dark Corner The number of ways to use Christmas lights to brighten up a dark corner is practically infinite. You can wrap lights around twigs, branches of displays of foliage. You can have a curtain of lights set around the angles of the corner. Maybe even a string of large colored bulbs going from floor to ceiling. Wrap them around the frame of a tall, narrow picture. Use them in bottles. One of the simplest, most effective displays is to fill a large vase with lights and let it do its stuff to illuminate that dark spot. I love the idea of filling a slightly distressed vintage bird cage with twinkling lights.

7 Decorate an Empty Fireplace

Decorate an Empty Fireplace Christmas lights that usually just get draped around a fireplace mantle can be used all year round in the actual hearth space. You can make an empty fireplace the focal point of the room by using lights and anything else that takes your fancy. You can even change what goes with the lights to reflect the seasons. Drape lights around pumpkins for Halloween, around pine cones in a basket for winter, intertwine lights among piles of lush green foliage for spring, fill it with draped curtain lights … anything goes.

The ways to decorate with fairy lights are only limited by your imagination. Search on the net generally or on Pinterest and you’ll see lighting at home need not be boring in any way, and those Christmas lights don’t need to be confined to a box in the attic for 50 weeks a year. Have you got fairy lights anywhere around your home?

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This is such a great idea. I love it !!! Especially #3

I love the canopy idea. Is it safe to have them on all the time? I'm such a worrywart

❤️❤️❤️ this!

I tried the mirror glam once it changed my entire room... I should bring that out again :)

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