7 Great Colours for a Feature Wall ...

By Holly

7 Great Colours for a Feature Wall ...

There are so many great colours for a feature wall, and having one in your house can make your decor simply pop! Whether you keep it as it is or get creative and add a vinyl sticker, having a colourful wall is the perfect way to add some drama to your home. Here is my list of the most perfect colours for a feature wall - time to get creative!

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Serene Blue

Serene Blue Blue is a colour which you should consider as a feature wall in your work space. It’s a naturally calming, relaxing colour and is thought to help stimulate self-expression and intelligence. A deep blue looks wonderful with yellow decor, or perhaps consider a funky turquoise to really bring out the pinks in your house. Blue is great because there are so many shades which make wonderful colours for a feature wall.


Keen as Mustard

Keen as Mustard Mustard is one of my favourite colours, and as a feature wall it looks amazing with grey and green decor. Mustard would be the perfect feature wall colour for your lounge or bedroom, considering that it inspires happiness, fun and, best of all, yellow is supposed to help us relax and focus during stressful times! You can’t complain about that!


Groovy Green

Groovy Green If you want to sit back and relax, then maybe you should consider green as the colour for your feature wall. The colour green can help you feel positive and there are lots of people who believe that it brings financial prosperity, so if it will help me to make money then I am all for it! Green looks great as a feature wall in a bathroom, adding a serene atmosphere to your pampering!


Outstanding Orange

Outstanding Orange Orange is the colour of adventure! It is said that the colour orange inspires positivity and spontaneity as well as providing emotional strength, so orange might be the perfect colour to add to your office or study space. It really highlights any greens you have in a room, so perhaps try a few indoor plants in a room with an orange feature wall to really make it pop! Try out a dark, dusty orange to really add some guts to your room.


Pretty Purple

Pretty Purple Purple is the perfect colour for a feature wall in a bedroom, considering it is the colour of imagination! A deep purple would look amazing when teamed with a white vinyl sticker, or of course on its own. Just be careful as a purple wall could darken your room considerably, so make sure you choose your colour scheme well.

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Earthy Brown

Earthy Brown If you’re a down-to-earth, peaceful person, then a brown wall might be for you. This earthy colour could add some great atmosphere to your room, being relaxing and natural. The colour brown is supposed to represent a comfortable home, which seems pretty perfect if you ask me! A dark brown with orange tones would be simply stunning.


Moody Black

Moody Black The feature wall in my bedroom is black, and while a lot of people were surprised with my choice, now they’ve seen it, they love it! Black adds an amazing feel to a room, and I find it very calming in a bedroom space. Having a black wall also means that you can use any coloured decor and it will look fabulous, personally I have multicoloured lanterns against mine and they look great.

I have seen so many wonderful examples of incredible feature walls, and it is definitely worth experimenting to find the perfect colour to suit your room. The most important thing is to have fun with it and to enjoy creating your own beautiful space. Have you got a feature wall in your home? What colour is it?

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