7 Ways to Brighten up Your Basement Rec Room ...


Nothing says ‘Sunny’ and ‘Upbeat’ like a basement rec room (NOT!). While the dreams of having the glorious added square footage in your home have not come to reality yet, fear not! Using these tips to add personality to the forgotten basement rec room can increase your property value and your mood!

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A New Coat

A New Coat If the color in the paint store seems too cheery for any room you can think of upstairs, get a sample size and try it out on your basement wall. Who knows—what was shocking for the dining room may be soothing for the basement rec room.


Rug It

Rug It Putting down a rug not only warms up the space temperature-wise, it is also the foundation for the atmospheric feel of your rec room. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a rug (they can get pricey!), find some bargain basement (!) prices by shopping yard sales.


Split up the Space

Split up the Space Is your basement swallowing you up? Cut the space into a usable bite-size portion. Use bookcases, room dividers, or beautiful curtains on decorative rods hung by heavy-duty fishing line from the ceiling to portion off the size of the space you’d like to use. Splitting up the space will help you to feel more in control of the basement while still creating a lovely living area!


Indirect Light

Indirect Light Lights which create shadows lend to the ‘basement’ feeling of a lower level room. Instead, use indirect lights—think Asian-style lighting in the corners of the space, rice paper coverings for lights, Japanese lanterns, etc. The calmness of indirect lighting may even make you want to use them in more spaces in your home (think sun porches, bedrooms, etc). The warmth and elegance they offer at affordable prices is outstanding!


Cure SADness!

Cure SADness! Seasonal Affective Disorder is a real issue, especially in areas which have a lot of darkness in the winter months. Perhaps not a cure, but a treatment for SAD sufferers and those who just love the sun, is to get a special SAD light. This is a special treat for those basement spaces which just seem too dark and far removed from the outside world. Put in a SAD light (look at Amazon.com for some great deals), and you will be happy in no time!



Electric AMBIANCE While a gas or wood-burning fireplace may not be feasible for a number of reasons, an electric fireplace is great almost anywhere. They are available in a number of sizes and styles, and can run anywhere from $50 on sale, up to hundreds of dollars. The glow of a fireplace, electric or otherwise, can give new life to any room. Make sure your wiring and outlets support the use of the fireplace, and let it roar!


Egress Anyone?

Egress Anyone? If your budget allows for more of a makeover, consider putting in an egress window. This is a window which is a great safety feature for any basement, as well as allowing for more light. In case of a fire, etc., egress windows allow a person enough space to crawl outside. If you’re looking to turn your basement room into a bedroom, many states require an egress window (in addition to a built-in closet) in order for the room to be considered a bedroom. It also allows in great amounts of natural light.

Whatever your budget, you can create a warmer and more inviting space in your basement. Change it up when the mood suits you—many of the things you will use may already be in your home! How do you like to reinvent your living spaces?

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