9 Ways to Create an Eclectic Home ...

If you are fed up with playing it safe when it comes to home décor, an eclectic home might be something for you. Although this style can sometimes come across as messy, it’s actually a great way to add character to your interior. An eclectic home is created by mixing different styles and by using daring combinations in colors and materials; however, you’ll only get good results if you do it the right way. Here are some tips and tricks on how to nail your eclectic home.

1. Mix It up

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An eclectic home is made out of different styles, meaning modern pieces can be combined with antique pieces, and feminine fabrics with masculine fabrics. The art of creating an eclectic home is to be open for every style, to look at the piece itself and to imagine it as a whole with the rest of the room, rather than thinking leather is not your favorite fabric for a sofa. A variety of shapes is also important. You could mix up a modern sofa with a round, retro coffee table or an antique dining table with square, modern dining chairs.

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