9 Tips to Use when Decorating Your Home That Anyone Can Learn ...

I have a creative heart and am always looking for tips when decorating your home when I get the free chance. Giving myself a nice space to live and work in is important for me on a number of levels. First and foremost, doing so helps me focus better, it makes me happier to live in a well-decorated space, and it also reduces stress. Decorating your home is about more than just spending a lot of money to do so or trying to impress people. Decorating your home is important to make it feel cozier and more rewarding. No one likes to come home to clutter, even if you’re used to it, and bare walls get depressing after a while. Since my mom is a decorator and real estate agent, I decided to share her best tips when decorating your home with you, tips that she actually taught me. I hope you enjoy them and can start using them to feel cozier in your own place, even if you’re short on cash.

1. Start Small

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First, one of the best tips when decorating your home to learn is to start small. Small things make big changes. Hanging blinds and curtains, painting your walls, and aligning your furniture are all things anyone can do that make a home look spacious, colorful, cheerful, and complete. These things are all easy to do, and you don’t have to spend a lot either. I got my curtains, blinds, and paint at Wal-Mart, and you’d never know they didn’t come from a pricey decorating store.

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