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Budget Holiday Decor Tips for Girls with a Tight Wallet ...

By Eliza

I love Christmas, but I don't love how much decorations cost. You could spend a month's salary on decking out your house. Instead of going broke, why not make your own DIY Christmas decorations? There are tons of great ideas that will only cost you a couple of dollars. Here are some inspirational ideas. Click the link for the how-to. Here's to having the best looking house on the block.

1 Front Door Ribbon

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This fast and easy decor for your front door looks festive and is way cheaper than a wreath.

2 Snowflake Door Hanging

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You can buy these plastic snowflakes at any dollar store and then you can simply use hot glue to connect them.

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3 Epsom Salt in the Bottom of Cylinder Vases

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The salt looks a little like snow and you can top it with Christmas bulbs for an inexpensive decoration everyone will love.

4 Snowy Branches

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All you need to make this is some glass glitter, which you can glue to branches from your own backyard.

5 Simple Greens and Candles

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You can find cheap candle holders like these at the dollar store. Fill them with inexpensive candles and fake greens for a festive holiday look.

6 Painted Santa Logs

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Raid your firewood pile to get the supplies to make these adorable Santa friends.

7 Outdoor Christmas Planters

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A few leftover boughs from your tree and a couple of bulbs and you have the perfect outdoor Christmas decor.

8 Branches in Jars

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When you trim your Christmas tree, save the branches and stick them in vases or jars with a couple of small ornaments.

9 DIY EASY Origami Christmas Trees

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These are super easy to make and look great scattered all over the house.

10 Simple Noel Sign

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Isn't this cute? And it's so inexpensive to make!

11 Use Your Fruit Basket

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Put your fruit somewhere else and then fill your basket with evergreen scraps, berries and pinecones.

12 Snowy Pinecone Candle Jars

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Not only are these really easy to make, but they'll only cost you a couple of dollars.

13 Fill Old Lanterns

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Fill a couple of old lanterns with ornaments and add a bow for a cheap and unique Christmas decoration for your table.

14 Nature's Christmas Decoration

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You can probably find the branches and pinecones in your backyard or the park, making this a super affordable decor idea.

15 Use What You Have

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Raid your cabinets for festive looking containers that you can fill with candles and winter greens.

16 Use Those Old Wine Bottles

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What a great way to use the wine bottles sitting in your recycling bin!

17 Festive Painted Bottles

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Here's another fun way to make use of your empty wine bottles. Cute, right?

18 Adorable DIY Rustic Felt Christmas Trees

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You can make a ton of these without going broke. Perfect!

19 JOY on the Wall

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This is totally cute and super easy to do without having to spend a bunch of money.

20 DIY Lettered Pallet Sign

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You can easily customize this to say whatever Christmas message means the most to you.

21 Beautiful Christmas Tree on the Wall

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This is cheap and saves space. What more could you ask for?

What's your favorite way to decorate for the holidays? Will you be using any of these ideas?

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