On-Point Tips for Storing and Organizing Christmas Decorations ...


On-Point Tips for Storing and Organizing Christmas Decorations ...
On-Point Tips for Storing and Organizing Christmas Decorations ...

Once the holidays are over, it means that you should start thinking about putting away your Christmas lights, so here are a few very helpful tips for storing Christmas decorations. Even if you always manage to store your decorations in working condition, you will find out in the following points how a few small modifications can cut hours off your decorating time next year. Keep in mind that clever storage will keep things safe and that with a bit of preparation, you can save yourself a lot of extra work next year. Here are a few very important tips for storing Christmas decorations that you should consider:

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Get the Right Equipment

One of the most important tips for storing Christmas decorations that I could give you is to tell you to make sure you have the right storage containers. Try to look for storage containers that will preserve the shape of your decorations so that they will be usable for years to come.


Storing Christmas Linens

You could store your Christmas linens in a suitcase to keep away the risk of moisture damage. Regarding your Christmas towels, blankets or rugs, you could store them on an unused shelf in your linen closet and you can also put a few lavender scented dryer sheets between the linens to keep away moths and to make them smell amazing.


The Christmas Tree

Even though the box your artificial tree came in may seem like it’s the perfect one for storing it, you should know that this isn’t actually the best way to keep it in good shape. Cardboard boxes deteriorate in time and this makes them more prone to insect infestation. You could use instead a commercially available Christmas tree box or Christmas tree bag. Also, you could cinch up your tree with belts to make it a more storable and manageable size.


Christmas Ornaments

You could use egg cartons (for smaller items) or apple containers (for larger ornaments) to keep your ornaments safe before they go into larger storage containers. You could also store your ornaments in the boxes that they came in. Plastic ornaments that are not that fragile can be stored in plastic sandwich bags too.



Once you've sorted your Christmas decorations and put them in their containers or in their plastic bags, the next thing you should do is to label them. This way, when you unpack them next year, you will easily find all your decorations.


Take Pictures

Before taking down your Christmas decorations to store them, you should take pictures so you can remember the way you set up those decorations. Then, you should simply take everything down in reverse order of the way it was put up. Store those pictures in a holiday organizing notebook that you can use during the year too, to write down gift ideas and to keep track of recipes.


Christmas Lights

First of all, you should dispose of any lights that have been damaged or that you no longer need because they are not working properly. This way, you will save yourself some storage space. You can also buy a Christmas Light Keeper Storage Bag where you can keep up to 200 feet of Christmas lights.

There are a lot of clever ways to organize and store your Christmas decorations. I just mentioned a few in this little article but I’m sure that there are many more I could add to this list. Do you know any other important tips for storing Christmas decorations? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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