9 Things That Will Unstick a Stuck Zipper ...


9 Things That Will Unstick a Stuck Zipper ...
9 Things That Will Unstick a Stuck Zipper ...

How annoying is a stuck zipper? Incredibly! Especially if it is on your favorite jeans you want to wear on that hot date tonight or on your jacket you pull on just as you’re leaving for work. Don’t panic – help is at hand. Don’t just yank it as it’s more likely to break than come unstuck. Instead reach for one of these things that will unstick a stuck zipper.

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One of the first things to do when you want to fix a stuck zipper is check whether there's any foreign body making the zipper stick or there's another issue. In case it's something like a bit of fluff or foreign body, remove it using tweezers.


Olive Oil

Get a cotton bud, dip it into olive oil, and carefully rub it onto the teeth of your zipper. Make sure to apply it on both sides of the zipper. While rubbing oil, keep wiggling the zipper up and down until the 'stubborn' beast starts obeying your orders once again.


Beeswax Lip Balm

If you’ve got a beeswax lip balm you’re quid’s in. Rub it on the teeth of your zipper and move it up and down. In case the balm is in a pot, you can use a cotton swab to apply balm on the sides of your stuck zipper. A word of caution: be sure to use a clear-colored lip balm you don’t want to leave a stain behind.


Candle Wax

A candle can sometimes be one of the very best things that will unstick a stuck zipper. The process is simple – get an unlit candle and rub it up and down right on your stuck zipper's teeth. The wax will do the trick and help your zipper run smoothly once again. Just like a lip balm, it is a good idea to use a natural colored candle because a colored candle could rub off on your purse, jacket, etc., and leave a stain there.


Wax Crayon

It follows if you can use beeswax and candle wax, a wax crayon will do the trick too. Ensure that you use crayon in a color similar to the color of your fabric. This will save your fabric from being stained.


Bar Soap

Rub a bar of soap down the teeth of your stuck zipper for a few minutes and keep moving the zipper during the process.


Elmer's Lubricant

One easy way to un-stick your zipper is to use Elmer's Slide-All Dry Spray lubricant right on the teeth of your stuck zipper. It will make your zipper usable once again.



You can call it a heavy-duty method to un-stick your zipper. Sometimes, the zipper is so stuck that it wouldn't even budge with a bar of soap, olive oil, lip balm or other similar methods. Using the Windex may well be the only choice left. It is a good idea to spot-test the fabric around the zipper to ensure the Windex won't damage it. If it's good, simply soak the zipper with Windex and keep trying to 'unzip. You may have to apply some serious pressure, but that's probably the only way you can make it work again.


Lead Pencil

Sometimes, your zipper is not stuck yet, but is on the verge of making things tough. While there's still time, rub both sides of the zipper with the lead pencil. This will help your zipper glide up and down without an issue.

Hopefully, you’ll never be stuck with a stuck zipper again now you know what the solutions are. Do you know any more little tricks?

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None of these really address the problem of cocktail dresses and evening gowns that always seem to have too many layers of material in one place and I have had some of these dresses that my husband just could not zip!

Thank you for these tips. Although Mary Ann does have a point.

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