15 Great Ways to Use Lint Rollers around the House ...


Lint rollers are a great tool for doing the job they are designed to do, but they are also clever little things that can do other things too. Ready to learn some ways to use lint rollers?

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Clean Your Drapes

It may get difficult to clean drapes and lampshades since you cannot wash them every now and then. Get a lint roller for a quick and impressive cleaning job.


Keep Your Carpets Clean

Lint rollers make your life easier by conveniently cleaning the carpets and furniture in your house. Its texture helps in cleaning dust and other small particles.


Get Healthy Skin

Have you spent the whole day out with friends and are now looking for a way to rejuvenate your skin that received serious bashing in the sun? Out in the sun and got sunburn? You have the ultimate beauty tool in your home – your lint roller. It will help remove the peeling sunburned skin painlessly.


Clean Your Handbag with Ease

If you are in a habit of dumping things in your handbag, it becomes a hot mess inside. Use a lint roller to clean up fluff and crumbs and detritus.


Clean up Broken Glass

When glass breaks it can shatter into minute pieces that are impossible to see and dangerous to clean up. A lint roll will pick up smithereens you can’t see.


Get Rid of Glitter Spillage

It's true that glitter spill creates a mess and sticks everywhere, but you can use your lint roller to clean up the mess with ease.


Keep Your Smartphone Clean

Every individual who use a smartphone or any electronic gadget knows how difficult it is to keep its screen clean. Solution – use your lint roller.


Clean Speaker Grille

A lint roller is perfect for cleaning soft speaker grilles that catch dust affecting their audio performance.


Clean Your Mouse Pad

You can keep your mouse pad fluff and dust free with a lint roller.


Keep Your Stuffed Toys Clean

A stuffed toy tends to get dirty and you may ruin your favorite one by washing it. However, a lint roller will clean it well without damaging its texture and fur.


Keep Your Baize Smooth

If you have a card table, pool table or billiard table, a lint roller is the perfect thing to keep on hand to ensure the baize stays in good condition.


Use It for Crafting

Have you ever thought about turning your lint roller into a craft stamp? Give it a try and see what magical creations result. You can also cover a lint roller with bubble wrap and use it to create texture when painting a wall.


Never Lose Nuts and Bolts

One of the clever ways to use lint rollers is by utilizing its adhesive quality when doing DIY. You can use it to keep hold of small pieces or parts. It will come in quite handy when you're assembling or dissembling something.


Turn It into an Insect Killer

You can kill annoying bugs or insects with your lint roller. This rolling tool will help squash the bugs keeping your house clean.


Remove Dandruff from Clothes

You might keep your lint roller in a drawer ready to use to get pet hair and fluff off your clothes, but it will also clear dandruff.

Don’t you just love household objects that can be used for many other things than their intended uses? What other groovy ways do you use your lint roller?

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I everyday use it to clean my bed as well as carpet.

I have to use it a lot. I have 2 big furry cats. :)

Practical advice.

Love it, thanks.

I use in in my bed too, but using it in skin is brillant gonna try thatp

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