Here's How to Make Your Laundry Room Look Better than Most People's Living Room ...


My laundry room is, well, not my favorite room in the house. It's not bad, but compared to these, it's a dungeon where socks are lost and lint piles up. Looking at laundry rooms like these fills me with ideas (and envy). Which is your dream laundry room?

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For Starters

room,laundry,laundry room,home,shelf, Source: Small Space Laundry Room Ideas


Love the Tile

Source: Entirely Eventful Day: Laundry Rooms


Bright and Airy

room,shelf,furniture,interior design,bathroom cabinet, Source: 8-Tips for Creating a Great



Source: Photos et idées de décor


So Organized!

room,laundry,furniture,shelf,interior design, Source: 15 Organizational Hacks That’ll Make


Grey & White

room,laundry room,laundry,major appliance,clothes dryer, Source: 10 Awesome Ideas for Tiny


The Space-Saver

room,laundry room,laundry,major appliance,clothes dryer, Source: 10 Favorites: Clever Laundry Rooms


The Humidity is Great for Plants!

room,property,kitchen,home,cuisine classique, Source: CEPAYNASI


In the Bathroom?

room,cabinetry,furniture,floor,door, Source: Follow expensivelife™


With a Window

Source: Laundry Room Beadboard - Country


Is That a Mini-Fridge?!

room,property,cabinetry,home,interior design, Source: 25 Laundry Room Ideas, 10


I'd Want to do Laundry Every Day

room,laundry room,interior design,laundry, Source: PARA ACOLHER


Look at the Chevron Tile Work!

room,kitchen stove,sink,cabinetry,bathroom cabinet, Source: Well-Nested Interiors


All White, All Right

Source: "Cocina, comedor, despensa y planchador"


Open Floorplan

room,property,kitchen,laundry room,floor, Source: Beige Cabinets - Contemporary


Wicker & White

room,property,floor,home,cabinetry, Source: My Renovation: The Laundry Room


Pop of Color

room,wall,interior design,floor,kitchen, Source: 8 móveis multifuncionais para seu


Natural Stone

room,cabinetry,kitchen,hardwood,cuisine classique, Source: Pralnia w domu – pomysły

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I nearly swooned over these fantastic photos! Fabulous ! I have never had one in my life. They are unusual in British houses. I have to make do with just the washing maxChine in the kitchen and dryer in the annexe. Ironing done in big bedroom and line basket on lading upstairs. Would be my heaven to have one of these! I manage though and don't fret over them.

Love them all

Great ideas

I love #1 a lot!

My "laundry room," is a pantry. I do NOT have the space for all of this.

What amazing laundry rooms!

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