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Clever Tricks to Make Your Phone Look Brand New Again ...

By Alison

Oh no! You've scratched your phone! It's so easy to get scratches on the screen thanks to your keys or other sharp objects. You should always use a protector to keep your phone looking good as new, but if you haven't bought one and manage to scrape your phone, there are ways of polishing it up. So try these tricks to make your phone look like new …

1 Toothpaste

Here's something that everyone has at hand! Just pop to your bathroom and grab a tube of toothpaste. The abrasiveness of toothpaste is what you need here, so the gel type is no good. Pop a dab of the toothpaste on a cotton bud and rub it over the screen is small circles until the scratch has vanished. Then wipe with a slightly dampened cloth.

2 Baking Soda

Baking soda is another product that just about everyone has in their home - and it's always good to be able to use something you already have, rather than having to go out and buy something specially! Here's what you do. Mix two parts of baking soda and one part water into a thick paste. Use a clean, soft cloth and apply the paste in circular motions. Wipe clean with a moist cloth.

3 Metal or Silver Polish

If you happen to have any metal or silver polish lying around the house, you could try using it for removing the scratches on your phone. You do have to be extra careful though as it can make the problem worse. Use a soft, clean cloth to apply in circular movements, then wipe with a clean cloth.

4 Car Products

If you've got any products for removing scratches from your car, then try it on your phone as well! Use a clean, soft cloth to apply the product (you'll only need a tiny amount, seeing as your phone is much smaller than your car!). Use a gentle, circular movement to apply the product.

5 Sandpaper

You wouldn't want to use this on the screen, but if the scratch is on the case then you could try sandpaper. Use the least abrasive one you can find, and use it very gently! Keep checking your progress and be careful that you don't accidentally scratch your screen, thus making the problem worse!

6 Baby Powder

If you don't have any baking soda in your kitchen, do you have baby powder in your bathroom? Use it in the same way as the baking soda - mix with water to make a paste, and rub in with a soft clean cloth. You're sure to have one of these two items around, so your phone will be scratch-free in no time at all!

7 Screen Scratch Removers

If there's a problem, you can pretty much guarantee that someone manufactures a product to (hopefully) deal with it. If you'd prefer to use a specialised product rather than a home remedy, you can actually buy products designed to remove scratches from screens. These may be the best option if you're worried about using home remedies on an expensive phone.

Hopefully one of these methods will get rid of those annoying scratches - but do be more careful with your phone from now on! Use a case or screen protector (or both) to avoid future damage, and be careful not to drop your phone!

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