40 Super Tips and Tricks for an Amazingly Organized and Space Saving Dorm Room ...

By Neecey

40 Super Tips and Tricks for an Amazingly Organized and Space Saving Dorm Room ...

Even if you're blessed with the luxury of a decent sized dorm room, you'll still struggle with space for everything you need and want. I've gathered here a list of things to make, things to buy and things to inspire you to have an organized and efficient dorm room.

1 Use Multiple Hangers for Your Clothes (widely Available)


2 Use over the Door Shoe Hangers for All Your Small Stuff

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3 Organize Your Hair Tools


4 Make a Magnetic Makeup Board


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5 Genius USB Bed Lifts

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6 Make Use of the Walls without Damaging Them


7 Use Small Tension Rods to the Make the Most of Tiny, Blank Spaces


8 A Divided Storage Unit Will Make Your Life so Much Easier


9 Use a Cart as a Bedside Table


10 Store Hair Products in a Wine Rack


11 Use a Dish Rack to Hold Folders


12 Use a Silverware (cutlery) Organizer for Your Stationery


13 Fit More Clothes in Your Tiny Dorm Room Closet

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14 Use a Paper Towel Holder to Store Bracelets (or Hair Ties)

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15 Put Your Mini Fridge Atop a Fridge Cart


16 Find Clever Products like This Bucket Tote

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17 Use a Chain to save Closet Space


18 Duplex Wall Tap

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19 Make the Most of a Corner

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20 Cute Space Saving Book Storage Idea

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21 Make Cute Bucket/rope Storage

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22 Make Use of the Space above Your Bed

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23 Get the Best Use from Your Fridge Top


24 Use under-bed Storage Containers


25 Get an over-the-Door Ironing Board

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26 Stackable Plastic Trunks Are a Godsend


27 Make an Embroidery Hoop Hamper

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28 Use a Shower Caddy as Storage


29 Use Hanging Storage Pockets Wherever You Can

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30 If You're Allowed to Cook This 3-in-1 Multi-cook is Genius

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31 Or Even Go so Far as This!

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32 Extra Seating and Storage - Yes Please

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33 Store Your Shoes around Your Mattress

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34 Hang Stuff without Damaging the Walls

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35 Buy an over-the-door Vanity Station

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36 Keep Chargers Organized

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37 Fold and Store Your Clothes Efficiently


38 Make a Box or Folder for Take-out Menus from Various Places around School

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39 Organize Your Jewelry

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40 Use a Spice Rack for Storing Bits and Bobs

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One of the best I've read.

This is a big help

No 14 looks a good idea - until you want to wear the bracelet at the very bottom !

These are the best ideas! I love them all


Really helpful ideas.thanks:)

Certainly helpful! Thanks


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