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40 Super Tips and Tricks for an Amazingly Organized and Space Saving Dorm Room ...

By Neecey

Even if you're blessed with the luxury of a decent sized dorm room, you'll still struggle with space for everything you need and want. I've gathered here a list of things to make, things to buy and things to inspire you to have an organized and efficient dorm room.

1 Use Multiple Hangers for Your Clothes (widely Available)


2 Use over the Door Shoe Hangers for All Your Small Stuff

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3 Organize Your Hair Tools


4 Make a Magnetic Makeup Board


5 Genius USB Bed Lifts

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6 Make Use of the Walls without Damaging Them


7 Use Small Tension Rods to the Make the Most of Tiny, Blank Spaces


8 A Divided Storage Unit Will Make Your Life so Much Easier


9 Use a Cart as a Bedside Table


10 Store Hair Products in a Wine Rack


11 Use a Dish Rack to Hold Folders


12 Use a Silverware (cutlery) Organizer for Your Stationery


13 Fit More Clothes in Your Tiny Dorm Room Closet

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14 Use a Paper Towel Holder to Store Bracelets (or Hair Ties)

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15 Put Your Mini Fridge Atop a Fridge Cart


16 Find Clever Products like This Bucket Tote

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17 Use a Chain to save Closet Space


18 Duplex Wall Tap

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19 Make the Most of a Corner

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20 Cute Space Saving Book Storage Idea

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21 Make Cute Bucket/rope Storage

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22 Make Use of the Space above Your Bed

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23 Get the Best Use from Your Fridge Top


24 Use under-bed Storage Containers


25 Get an over-the-Door Ironing Board

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26 Stackable Plastic Trunks Are a Godsend


27 Make an Embroidery Hoop Hamper

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28 Use a Shower Caddy as Storage


29 Use Hanging Storage Pockets Wherever You Can

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30 If You're Allowed to Cook This 3-in-1 Multi-cook is Genius

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31 Or Even Go so Far as This!

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32 Extra Seating and Storage - Yes Please

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33 Store Your Shoes around Your Mattress

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34 Hang Stuff without Damaging the Walls

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35 Buy an over-the-door Vanity Station

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36 Keep Chargers Organized

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37 Fold and Store Your Clothes Efficiently


38 Make a Box or Folder for Take-out Menus from Various Places around School

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39 Organize Your Jewelry

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40 Use a Spice Rack for Storing Bits and Bobs

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