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There are many overflowing closets in my house so easy organization tips are something I’m always on the hunt for. With three kids and two adults (plus two dogs and multiple fish) there’s always something getting crammed into the nearest closet. That means that when I open them, stuff inevitably slides out everywhere, making me say bad words. So here are some easy organization tips that can keep you and me both happy.

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Add Shelves

Add Shelves Installing shelves is one of my favorite easy organization tips. It’s super easy to get them in there and they give you loads more space to keep things in place. Use shelves for clothes in your bedroom closet, towels in the linen closet or canisters and boxes in your pantry closet. Paint the shelves so they match your closet space and are easy to wipe down.


Use Bins

Use Bins Bins are perfect for corralling scarves, belts and hats in your bedroom. They look way better than having all that stuff crammed on shelves and falling out of drawers. Bins are also ideal for keeping small toys in one place in your kids’ closets and make great storage options for rags, washcloths or other small items in your linen closet. Use bins to keep medicine out of reach of your kids in your bathroom closet.


Have a Place for Everything

Have a Place for Everything When you overhaul your closets, decide which items belong and where. That way you can keep junk that doesn’t go in a given closet out and when you open the door to put something away, you’ll have a perfect place for it rather than simply having to cram it in wherever it’ll fit. The only trick is teaching your significant other and kids to do the same.


Get Rid of Stuff

Get Rid of Stuff I know it’s hard to part with stuff, but simply tossing what you don’t need is such an easy way to clear the clutter in your closets and have them super organized in no time. Do you really need that outlet converter you bought when you went to Europe a decade ago? Or the washcloths you don’t want to use on your face anymore. Donate, sell or throw away the stuff that’s been languishing in your closets for years without being used. It’ll feel great, I promise!


Label Stuff

Label Stuff If you opt for bins and baskets, place simple labels on them. That way, when you need something, you won’t have to pull all the bins out to find it. At the same time, labels make it easy to open the closet and stash something that belongs there. Perhaps these handy labels will even help the others in your household put items in their proper places.


Find Some Specific Purpose Items

Find Some Specific Purpose Items By specific purpose items, I mean something that serves a single purpose. That might be a tie rack, a shoe rack or a scarf hanger. These items are invaluable ways to keep little things contained, but they aren’t as likely to turn into a heaping place for other junk either. Don’t buy these items just to have them though. Only grab the ones you have a use for or you’ll just wind up with more stuff you don’t need hogging space in your closet.


Opt for a Custom Closet

Opt for a Custom Closet They don’t come cheap, which is why a custom closet tops my current wish list. Such a system is designed to fit your exact closet space and you can mix and match drawers, rods, cupboards and cubbies to meet your exact needs. This is the perfect way to keep your closet organized and useful.

How do you keep things organized? It takes a lot of work and perseverance, but it can be done. Heck, my hall closet has stayed organized for at least a week since the last time I reworked it! Good luck to you.

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Seriously off the hook! This is the best advice ever for closets! I'm definitely going to model my closet on this in my house build in a year from now! Eeek the clock is ticking....! Thanks for share! X

Really helpful!!! Thanks!

This is really helpful ! Thanks :)

Thns sooo much!!

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