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7 Fun and Creative Ideas for Closet Organization ...

By Vanessa

There are SO many fun ideas you can use to start your closet organization! If you have a tiny closet, no worries. You can still incorporate these ideas into your dressing area. I definitely plan on trying some of these ideas in my own closet! Check out some of my picks for fun and creative ideas for closet organization.

Table of contents:

  1. Clipboards
  2. Garment rack
  3. Missing socks
  4. Use your wall space
  5. Custom clothing labels
  6. Picture rail shoe rack
  7. Icons instead of labels

1 Clipboards

I would've never thought of this idea, but it's AWESOME! Use clipboards to showcase your "statement" necklaces. It's a fun way to display your jewelry and you can hang them over your dresser or wherever you have any wall space! This is just one of the fun ideas for closet organization!

2 Garment Rack

I'm obsessed with garment racks! What better way to lay out your outfits for the week? You can hang your summer dresses, coats, and pretty much anything! You can even lay out your shoes that'll go with your outfit. I don't actually have space for this in my room but I do plan on buying a garment rack as soon as I have a bigger place to put it in! Doesn't it seem like such a huge convenience?

3 Missing Socks

How many times do you find a sock without its pair? Now, you can give them their own place! This "missing socks" rack is equally funny and effective! Whenever you find a sock without a match, hang it on the rack! That way you can keep that sock in plain view until the other one shows up. This could actually do wonders for my socks!

4 Use Your Wall Space

If you wall space in your closet, USE it! You'd be surprised at how much you could do with your space. How awesome does this look?! Use two picture frames and pin all your earrings in them! It'll definitely add a pop of color in your closet and make it convenient to find what you're looking for! As you can see, you don't need a huge closet to do this!

5 Custom Clothing Labels

Isn't it weird how your clothes always end up in somebody else's closet? How does that even happen? With custom clothing labels, you can add a personal touch to each of your clothing items! That way, it'll always end up in the closet that it belongs in. Also, your friends can't claim your clothes anymore because now your names on it! It might seem unnecessary, but trust me, it'll come in handy.

6 Picture Rail Shoe Rack

I'm obsessed with this! It's actually pretty simple to accomplish. All you need to do is line the walls of a walk-in closet, bedroom, or dressing area with picture-rail molding. You can buy pre-primed pieces and have them cut accordingly to fit your space at the store. You can then either paint the molding to match your wall, or paint it in a fun contrast color for a bold splash of color! Isn't it an awesome way to display your shoes?

7 Icons Instead of Labels

This is perfect for a kid's room. Use fun icons on their drawers instead of the usual label! It looks adorable and it can even be used as a learning tool for them as they're growing up! I love the white on blue, but it'd look great with different colors too! It'll keep your child organized and will definitely save you some stress when you're trying to get them dressed in the morning!

Well, there you have it! These are just seven out of many awesome and creative ideas to organize your closet. Which idea will you be trying out next in your closet? If you have any fun tips, let's share them all in the comments.

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