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Finally, it's that time of year to open your windows and clear the winter clutter, so I’d like to share with you some tips for spring cleaning your bedroom. For me, my room is my sanctuary. I absolutely love everything about it, and I think it is important that your personal space be somewhere enjoyable and organized to retreat to in this otherwise crazy and disorganized life! Now that warm weather is approaching, dedicate a weekend to try out some of these tips for spring cleaning your bedroom.

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Out with the Old

This is definitely one of the most important tips for spring cleaning your bedroom. Over the course of a year, it's so easy for clothes, shoes, makeup, jewelry, and the like to pile up! Dedicate an afternoon to sorting through all of your things. Set aside clothes that you never wear or that have run their course so you can donate them. Store your bulky winter sweaters in a plastic container under your bed and toss any makeup that you've had since last spring! Eliminating things that hog space and that you no longer need will make the rest of the cleaning process much easier.


Make It Fun!

While I love to clean and organize (I find it relaxing), a lot of the time it can be seen as a tedious and dreadful task. To help make things a little more fun, crank up some tunes and listen to music that puts you in a good mood! Personally, I love listening to Disney music while I clean. If it's a nice day, open up your windows to let the spring breeze air out your room! If it's rainy, put on a television show to glance at while you tidy up, or download an audiobook and become more well-read while you spring clean!


Wash Fabrics

Of course it's important to wash your pillow case and sheets on a weekly basis, but throughout the year, it's so easy to neglect washing your curtains or your bed's dust ruffle. I know it isn't something that normally crosses my mind! Strip everything off your bed, windows, and head on down to your laundry room to freshen everything up! If your curtains are not washing machine friendly, take them to the dry cleaners, or, if possible, wash them by hand in your bathtub. It's a tedious task, but try to remember all of the allergens that you will be freeing your room from!


Kiss Those Dust Bunnies Goodbye

While your bedroom is devoid of dust-magnet fabrics, take the opportunity to dust and vacuum. When I really want to go all out, I take everything off the surfaces of my bedroom furniture and thoroughly wipe my surfaces down. Then I carefully clean all of my knick-knacks and decorative items with a cloth. It's a subtle difference, but everything will be much more beautiful when your treasures sparkle and shine! Always vacuum after you dust so that you can pick up any dust that drifted to the floor. Also, use your vacuum's hose to trace the sneaky edges of your room and furniture.


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Remember to wipe down any mirrors or windows that you have with glass cleaner! My dog loves to get right up close to my window and press her snout and tongue up against it. Also, for whatever reason, she enjoys occasionally licking my mirror. While it's pretty adorable, I have to make sure that I periodically clean all of the glass surfaces in my room to get rid of doggy smudges, fingerprints, or makeup. Grab a rag and spray a glass cleaning solution onto all of your windows and mirrors so that you can see the great outdoors and your beautiful face much clearer!



I am crazy about organization! When my things are organized, I feel so much more in control of my life and it's way easier to prepare for the day or get ready for bed when all of your things can regularly be found in the same place. Organize your closet by investing in stackable, plastic storage drawers to maximize the use of your space. Buy a shoe rack to hang on the inside of your closet door. I also love using brightly colored shoeboxes to store things like old birthday cards, miscellaneous items, and mementos from all of my travels! You will be so much happier when you open your closet or open a drawer to find all of your things looking nice and neat.


One Place at a Time

Many times while cleaning my entire room, I fall prey to jumping back and forth between all of my storage spaces. This usually results in utter disaster and a confusing disarray of my things. It's much easier to focus on one thing at a time. If you get bored while sorting through your closet, don't start pulling everything out from under your bed. Your things will become all mixed up and cause a mixed-up, frustrated you! Instead, take small breaks during your cleaning session to eat a snack, stretch, or take a quick walk!


Feng Shui

To me, spring cleaning doesn't only mean washing, dusting, vacuuming, and organizing. It's about preparing for a new season in your own life! Mix things up by rearranging the furniture in your room. It will be refreshing to get a new perspective of your things. Or, if you like your room layout the way it is, play around with the arrangement of your decorative items, framed pictures, etc. It's so much fun to walk into your room the first few times after rearranging it! It feels like an entirely new space.


In with the New

Spring cleaning isn't only about getting rid of your old clutter and junk. It's also a time to rejuvenate yourself and your space! Treat yourself to a new piece of furniture, upgrade your bedspread, and invite the season into your room with some lovely fresh flowers! Make a photo collage of your happiest and most treasured memories to hang up. I was sorting through my things the other day and came across a collection of magazine clippings I'd saved. It may seem a bit juvenile, but I was inspired to arrange them creatively on the side of my dresser, along with my favorite postcards and past birthday cards. I love the way that it turned out, and now I enjoy the constant reminder of my passion for color and art through bits and pieces of myself.

Spring cleaning can seem like a huge obstacle to tackle, but if you dedicate separate days to separate rooms, the process will be much easier and definitely pay off in the end! Now that I've shared my tips for spring cleaning your bedroom, does anyone have some tips they'd like to share with me? Do you have a favorite room in your house that you like to keep neat and organized?

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My most favorite room in our house is our bedroom and everyday it takes me much time in cleaning it. I'm happy when I see it neat and clean.

I hate spring cleaning

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