7 Neat Uses for Dishwashing Soap You Never Knew ...

Uses for dishwashing soap besides washing dishes are pretty bountiful! You can do a lot with a bottle of Dawn, or Joy, or Ivory, or whatever brand of soap you prefer! I’ve had the best results with Dawn and Ivory myself. Here are a few uses for dishwashing soap I’ve discovered, as well as a few I’ve heard about but never tried. They are all pretty neat, and most definitely time and money savers, so read on!

1. De-grease Your Hair

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One of the uses for dishwashing soap that I love is for de-greasing your hair! Over time, your hair will get a build-up from product, soap film, etc. on it. Add one or two drops of dishwashing soap to your shampoo to strip away this build up! Rinse and condition as normal. Do this once a month to notice shinier, more manageable hair!

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