7 Ways to Use Rose Petals in the Kitchen and Bathroom ...

I love multi-functional items and finding ways to use rose petals has been one of the nicest projects I’ve done recently. I thought rose petals were restricted to perfumes, pot pourri and beauty products, but not so. Have a look at these ways to use rose petals and let me know which you are going to try.

1. Rose Petal Jam

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I read about this while reading about the monastery on the island of San Lazzaro in Venice – I haven’t tried it yet but it’s one of my favorite sounding ways to use rose petals so I’m ready to give it a go. Apparently, the monks make a wicked rose petal jam. They make it every May when the roses are in full bloom and follow a recipe that dates back to 1891. It’s a special recipe but is a bit of an effort so I found an easier one. You need 1lb of white sugar and 4 handfuls of fresh rose petals. Put the petals in a mortar and gradually add the sugar, crushing the petals and the sugar together. If you have a smallish mortar, divide the batch into 4 and combine at the end. The petals will gradually break down and the juice will form a paste with the sugar. Pour the mix into sterilized jars and leave for at least 2 weeks before use. It’s best if you store in small jars because you won’t use it up quickly. It will keep up to two years unopened.

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