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If you accidentally dropped your phone in the toilet or the bath, don’t worry as there are a few ways to save a wet cellphone if you act fast enough! Completely drenching your phone doesn’t mean that it’s time to get a new one. However before you try to save your phone with something like a hair dryer, stop! It can actually further push the moisture into the phone and even melt some parts. Instead take a look at these safe ways to save a wet cellphone and don’t forget to work fast!

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Take It out as Soon as Possible

One of the first ways to save a wet cellphone is to act fast. The longer your phone is submerged under water, the less likely are the chances that you will be able to save it. Pull out your phone as fast as you can because every second counts! And once it is safely in your hands, turn it off immediately because leaving it on can cause it to short circuit.


Dry with Paper Towels

The next best step is to dry off your mobile device with paper towels. While there is definitely still water inside your device, you can prevent the water on the surface from going deeper into the places where you can’t reach. So grab a towel and soak it up!


Remove Battery

The next step is to remove the battery cover and take the battery out of the phone completely. As you remove each piece, try to soak up any drops of water as you go. This is a very important step as many phones can survive when they are not plugged into a power source.


Remove SIM Card

Your SIM card has much valuable data that you don’t want to lose and while most SIM cards can survive water damage, it is still a good idea to remove it from the phone. As you remove it, pat it dry and set it aside so you can deal with the actual phone.


Let It Sit in Paper Towels

Once all of the important parts of the phone are out, it is a good idea to wipe it dry inside and out. To do that, make sure to remove any cases, covers and other mobile accessories so that all of the moisture can be soaked up. As you wipe avoid moving the phone excessively as you don’t want to move water throughout the phone.


Place It in Rice

Once you’ve done the best you could, it is time to let a substance with high affinity for water to draw out the moisture. One of the most popular things used in these types of situations is uncooked rice. Completely submerge your phone and all of its parts in rice for a minimum of 24 hours so that the rice can absorb all of the remaining moisture you couldn’t get to.


Put It Back Together

Once you feel confident that you gave it enough time in rice, it is time to dig up your phone and assemble it back together. Before you turn it on, examine the phone and all of its parts and make sure you got rid of all of the moisture and dirt. Then turn it back on and make sure that it functions properly.

In just a few steps you can save yourself a lot of money and stress. Trust me I have saved a couple of my phones using this technique. It works most of the time! What actions do you recommend taking to save a wet phone?

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You remove an iPhone SIM card by looking at the side or top of your phone for a small hole. U could use an earring and stick it in the hole and the SIM card will come up

The rice really does dry it out!

How about the iphone?:/

My iPhone 5c fell into the toilet this past fall. I followed all of these steps and now it is as good as new. It's amazing!! The rice truly, truly works. I left it I'm for about 40 hours and everything but the sound worked. I have that a few hours and eventually it came back. Apple to products are phenomenal!

What about for an iphone? How do u take out the back or a sim card, please HELP!

What about an iPhone can remove battery or SIM card

You could just get a waterproof phone ;) . #teamGalaxy

Make sure the phone is in rice for 72 hours not 24

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