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Clutter can be your interior’s worst enemy, so ways to reduce clutter are more than welcome in most households. Picture this amazing light space with nice furniture and just the right details to make everything blend together. Clutter can make this exact same space feel messy and uncoordinated. Lucky for you, I'm willing to share my secrets on keeping your home stylish and clutter free. Below you will find my seven ways to reduce clutter in your home.

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Learn to Donate Unused Items

Prevention is one of the most important methods to keep your home clutter free. After all, if there’s no clutter, there’s no problem. The key to doing this is to learn to throw things away. That book you *might* read again someday, just donate it! That one book will mysteriously multiply and in no time you will need a new bookcase to keep all those books in. Trust me, once you realize you simply cannot keep everything, you will feel much better. Donating unused stuff is one of the best ways to reduce clutter in your home.


Buy Plastic Containers

When you don’t quite master the art of donating stuff, you might relate more to the container method. Invest in some cheap plastic containers which you can just store in the basement. These containers are seriously awesome! They keep so much of your junk - excuse me, your precious things - in one place without you having to find a spot for them. Isn’t that neat? Fill them, stack them, store them, voila!


Stack It Baby!

This method goes excellent with the container method. Once you filled a couple of those containers you can just stack them to save even more space. Stacking is a very efficient way of reducing clutter. Of course you don’t need to stick with the containers; you can stack boxes, books, toys, even clothes if you don’t have that extra closet for your winter wardrobe.


If I Can’t See It, You Can’t See It

This method actually is more of a cheating method, but it works! I myself am guilty of exploiting it. Here’s how it works. Walk around your house and take a close look at the furniture. See that couch? You can store loads of stuff underneath and nobody has to even know! Store under the bed, under the closet, on top of the closet, you name it. Hey, if I can’t see it, my guests can’t see it, problem solved. Well actually problem relocated but that’s beside the point. However do make sure you clean regularly otherwise your things will have a (not so) nice dusty coat.


Be Efficient

Some people might be better at this than others, but practice makes perfect, ladies. When you store things in your cabinets, cupboards, etc. try to do this in an efficient way. Make the most of the available space. Store your things, turn them around, get some out, put some in, it’s like making a puzzle. By doing this instead of randomly putting everything in, you’re making the most of your space.


Invest in Smart Furniture

In my opinion smart furniture is furniture that not only looks fabulous but is also practical. Instead of buying that cute little side table as a nightstand, buy one with drawers or a little door. This way you not only have a great piece of furniture, you also have extra storage. Win win ladies! To get back to my former method of using containers, you can buy some really stylish ones. The dull transparent containers you might think of are history. Some even look like they’re made of rattan, like the ones Curver makes. So when buying furniture, try to pick something with some storage.


Last Resort

When all else fails, bring in the big guns! In this case I’m referring to actually rent a storage space elsewhere. This may seem a little too much, but it can really be an excellent solution to your clutter problem. Especially when you have a lot of stuff and well let’s say a little less house. Something along the same lines is asking family or friends if you can use their basement or garage to store some of your things.

These were my most used methods of keeping my home clutter free. Choosing a method also depends on the kind of things you want to store. Christmas decorations for example, I store in containers in my parent’s basement. Whereas smaller things I store efficiently in our smart furniture (or under the bed, oops). I hope you found these ways to reduce clutter in your home useful and I’m curious what your methods are. Do you have any to add?

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Seriously? The only way to really deal with clutter is to de-clutter!

Ziplock storage bags are brilliant!!

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