9 Uses for Baby Oil for Everyone and around the House ...


There are some great uses for baby oil other than keeping baby’s skin (and your own) silky soft. Most women who’ve had a baby generally have baby oil around the house. I’ve never had kids but I’ve always got a bottle and until now, I’ve never thought beyond the uses for baby oil other than for as a moisturizer. Uses like these:

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Get Rid of Ear Wax

Kicking off this list of uses for baby oil is removing ear wax. We’ve all had that feeling of a blocked up ear, especially when listening to music for prolonged periods of time. Don’t be tempted to shove a Q-tip in there; tilt your head to one side, put in 5 drops of baby oil – preferably warmed – and let it sit for up to a minute. Then turn your head the other way to remove the wax and baby oil. It’s cheap and very effective.


Wash off Gloss/latex Paint

Have you ever been painting a door frame or the skirting board, and noticed that you have paint all over your hands? Water won’t help you out, and although you retrospectively know you should have worn gloves, your friend baby oil will come to the rescue. In fact any oil will work effectively, so grab whatever you have on-hand and use it to remove the paint.


Moisturize after a Shave

The next time you shave your legs, rub some baby oil into them after you have finished. You will find your legs a lot smoother and less irritated.


Heals Cracked Heels

Before you head to bed for the night, rub baby oil into your heels and put on a pair of socks to help the oil soak in. You should wake up the next morning with much softer skin. After a week or two you should notice a massive improvement, thanks to this handy tip for using baby oil.


For Massages

If you ever find yourself coming in from a long day at work and managing to convince your other half to give you a massage, whip out the bottle of baby oil. It works just as well as any of the fancy oils that parlors will use, and you needn’t worry about spending lots of money.


Straighten a Beaded Necklace

This is one of the ways to use baby oil that I actually tried and which led me to finding other uses to share with you. If you have a necklace that is all bunched up, rather than spend ten minutes sorting out the tangle, pour some baby oil over it. The links will naturally find their own way out of the mess, and you have just wasted a bit of baby oil rather than throwing your necklace in the trash in frustration.


Care for Wood

Whether it’s your dining room table or another piece of wooden furniture (except your chopping board), you can rub baby oil into it to give it a lovely shine and also repair any dryness. It provides a nice barrier against water damage too. You should regularly care for your wood, especially expensive furniture, and baby oil makes a fine substitute for expensive care kits.


To Remove Make-up

One of the beauty uses for baby oil is for removing face make-up. Get a ball of cotton, add some baby oil and gently rub the make-up away. Don’t worry about making your skin too oily – even those with oily skin will benefit, as you can just wipe away any excess once you are finished.


When You Are out in the Cold

Exposed skin can become very painful in the cold weather. Rub a thin layer of baby oil into your skin before going out in the cold months, both to protect your skin but also to create an insulated barrier of warm air. Who knew that a use of baby oil was to help keep warm?

My bottles may well get used up quicker now that I know there are more uses for baby oil than adding it to my bath water or taking off makeup. What do you use baby oil for?

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@Brig I'm going to try your tip. My fridge is fingerprint central.

Thanks @Brig great tip!!!!

I hate fingerprints on stainless steel! If you rub a small of amount oil on a cloth and rub onto the appliance it keeps the fingerprints off :)

I don't use it anymore since my babies are all grown up but I'm going buy some and try it on your tips, thanks!!!


I like using baby oil around the house, but wouldn't use it on my skin because it's a petroleum by~product.

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