29 Household Cleaning Hacks to Try ...


29 Household Cleaning Hacks to Try ...
29 Household Cleaning Hacks to Try ...

Finding all of the right household cleaning hacks can make it really easy to do your chores! I know that I hate chores and when I find list after list on Pinterest of household cleaning hacks – I jump on it! So girlies, you ready to kick off your shoes and cut your cleaning time in half? Take a look at these household cleaning hacks!

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Ultimate List

Quaker Oats Company,line,font,shape,TAPE, Via The more you know...

This list of household cleaning hacks is absolutely amazing! Who knew about half of these?!


Life Hacks

advertising,food,dish,brand,meal, Via DIY Life hacks part 3 ...

So this list goes beyond just cleaning, these are life hacks! How cool!


Smart Cleaning

line,font,Simple,Tricks,that, Via Simple Tricks that Make You ...

This list is all about being smart. Who knew that denture cleaner could clean out stained vases?


Deep Cleaning

Spirit Pub Company,ceramic,hand,baking,glass, Via Deep Cleaning Hacks - Kids ...

If you're into deep cleaning lately, you've got to see this list!


Fresh Scent

art,thread,textile,material,Fill, Via Just some neat life hacks ...

I'm constantly looking for ways to make my bathroom smell awesome, this is a great household hack!


Shoe Rack

Alpesh Patel,product,laundry,USE,RACK, Via Life hacks changing lives (24 ...

Ah, looking for a way to get your cleaning organized? This is the way!


Easier Life

advertising,banner,poster,art,design, Via Life Hacks

Have you ever thought of using a dustpan in your sink just so that you can fill a tall bucket? This list will help you have an easier life and a better time cleaning!


Power Drill

Tilex,tool,machine,After,year, Via 25 Unexpectedly Genius Household Hacks ...

This is so one that I'm trying! It's genius! A drill, a brush and a cleaner. Totally smart!


Health Hacks

line,font,web page,WHO,KNEW?, Via Community Post: 18 Amazing Body ...

From using Dawn soap to kill fleas all the way to using toothpaste to help burns, this list has everything!



Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad,Joshleen,human action,text,font, Via 100 Life Hacks That Make ...

I am forever cleaning up my keyboard. Little did I know, just one post-it can catch everything between the keys!


Brown Sugar Hack

food,dessert,breakfast,coconut,snack food, Via Community Post: 34 Creative Kitchen ...

Girls, are you forever throwing away hard brown sugar? Not anymore, just add a marshmallow in!


Rust Problems?

First Aid,text,font,line,brand, Via Check out this life hack!

Who knew that foil could help get rid of rust?


Wooden Spoon

lighting,food,ceiling, Via Community Post: 35 Clever Food ...

Have a problem with water constantly boiling over? Not anymore!


Paper Plate

cup,coffee cup,drink,dish,meal, Via Top 10 Life Hacks Of ...

I had absolutely no idea that this would work – saves so much time too!


Oil Slick

face,eyebrow,clothing,nose,beauty, Via 20 Unbelievable Beauty Hacks Using ...

If you are having oil problems, just use a coffee filter!


Clean a Blender

color,blue,art,book,design, Via 15 Clever Life Hacks to ...

I constantly have issues with cleaning the blender – never did I think that it would be as easy as soap, water and turn it on!


Genius Ideas

product,diagram,brand,line,drawing, Via Do-It-Yourself Designs for Daily Living

Whether it's the soap hanging in a pair of panty hose or it's a clothes hanger holding back book pages, these are all great ideas!


Alternative Vinegar Uses

Little Trees,Washing machine,text,font,line, Via Alternative Uses for Vinegar: Free ...

Did you know that you can actually use vinegar to clean a lot of your house and it'll be disinfected and sparkling? Take a look at some alternative uses!


Apple Cider Vinegar

human action,person,eating,sense,hand, Via 20 Unbelievable Beauty Hacks Using ...

Have you ever thought about using apple cider vinegar on your face? It can be used as a toner!


Whiten Clothes

image,poster,advertising,screenshot,surfing equipment and supplies, Via Life Tricks…

Have you ever wondered how to whiten up your clothes naturally? This is how!


Waterproof Your Boots

footwear,shoe,product,slipper,brand, Via 40 Clever Hacks and Shortcuts ...

Boots don't come waterproof, do they? Well, if you get some beeswax and rub it all over, your shoes, boots and anything else will instantly be waterproof!


Cleaning Tips

advertising,vehicle,brand,website,design, Via Life hack: 8 awesome cleaning ...

Who knew that lemons would get rid of water stains? How cool!


Foil in Dryer

Dietitian,jewellery,fashion accessory,gemstone,mineral, Via 30 Squeaky-Clean Laundry Hacks

Want no static at all? Put in a ball of aluminum foil!


Useable Clothes

blue,turquoise,fashion accessory,wool,art, Via Homemade Arts and Crafts Ideas, ...

Ever thought about microfiber socks being used on your Swiffer Sweeper versus the pads? Work the same!



Guinness Storehouse,Alpesh Patel,wood,grass family,produce, Via 40 Life Hacks That Will ...

If you have damage on your wooden furniture, just rub a bit of of walnut on it!


Pine-Sol & Flies

Pine-Sol,alcohol,product,drink,caffeine, Via Random Pictures Of The Day ...

If you hate flies in your house, just wipe everything down in Pine-Sol, flies hate the smell!


Homemade Cleaners

Recruiter Fast 50,product,SMART,SCHOOL,HOUSE, Via Cleaning Hacks

If you've been dying to make your own cleaners and air fresheners, this is the hack for you!


Air Vent

Amarelas Internet,product,organ,technology,eye, Via Check out this life hack!

Who would have thought that a car air freshener would work the same in the vents in your floor? So cool!


Dryer Sheet

Life Hacks,text,font,writing,document, Via Check out this life hack!

Ah, finally, the dryer sheet at the back of the fan – it'll make your whole room smell awesome!

So ladies, there you have it! All of the best household cleaning and general life hacks! So, so cool! Which ones are you going to try first?

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so helpful! cant wait to hack my life lol

Cmon! Peg to keep ur straw from moving lol

Lots of neat ideas for sure

What a great bunch of hacks. I found your post very useful indeed! Thanks for sharing! Carpet cleaners Fulham

Swish a bar of soap around in a sink or bath of bubbles to get rid of the bubbles.. A piece of bread rubbed on pencil marks removes them.. Boil a piece of rhubarb in a stainless steel/aluminium pan to clean it.. Use a hairdryer on crayon marks and wipe off with kitchen towel.. Boil a dishwasher tablet in a pan that's got burnt on food in for 15mins then leave to cool

Amazing hacks! It's just some of them are repeating constantly and the descriptions don't match- example: picture shows how to get rid of mice and you wrote under it: "Have you ever wondered how to whiten your clothes naturally?" Anyways-it really is an amazing article!:))

To add to the "ultimate list"...you can use hair spray to kill any bees or wasps that might get into your house. Just point and spray, their wings will stick together and they won't be able to fly away (yes, mean...but it works)!!

Love this

Very interesting!

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