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If you’ve got a bottle of it lurking in the back of a cupboard, you might find some uses of hydrogen peroxide interesting. Whether you’ve used it to bleach your hair or it’s part of your first aid kit, it’s good to know uses of hydrogen peroxide because it’s actually a cheap, tough and non-toxic chemical you can have no qualms about using.

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Fruit and Vegetable Sanitizer

One of the best household uses of hydrogen peroxide is as a vegetable and fruit sanitizer. You should use food-grade peroxide for this purpose. Just spray your vegetables and fruits and let them stand for a few minutes. Then rinse them properly and let them dry for a while. Doing this will kill any harmful organisms on your food.


Cleaning Wounds

This may not be a secret really. You can easily find 3% hydrogen peroxide solution anywhere and can use it for cleaning wounds. It helps stops bleeding in small blood vessels. The solution will also come in handy when you want to remove dead tissue – it works quite well even in situations where gangrene is present.


A Reliable Mouthwash

Do you think twice before smiling in a group of people because your breath doesn’t smell great? Resolve the issue with hydrogen peroxide. Just gargle with it regularly and it will help get rid of oral bacteria, which in turn will improve your breath. 1%-3% solution is perfectly okay for this. Don't swallow it though!


Get Whiter Teeth and Nails

With hydrogen peroxide around, you don't really need a French manicure. Soak a cotton ball in 3% hydrogen peroxide solution and rub it on your nails gently for shiner nails. Plus you can use hydrogen peroxide as an all-purpose whitener. For best effects, mix it with baking soda and you will have a super-effective paste that will make your teeth whiter and even help relieve toothache. Prepare it for yourself and tick that expensive whitening toothpaste off your shopping list!


An All-Purpose Cleaner

You don't have to waste money on expensive household cleaners when you’ve got hydrogen peroxide. You can use it as a stand-alone solution or mix it with water for perfect cleaning. This solution will help you get rid of mold resulting from water damage and you can use it to clean the toilet bowl, disinfect countertops, and to clean your fridge. These are all some of the best household uses of hydrogen peroxide.


Stain Fighter

No matter what type of stain you're fighting, hydrogen peroxide will always be your ultimate weapon. Whether it's a stain of red wine from last night's party or an embarrassing armpit stain, you can use hydrogen peroxide with liquid detergent to clean it. As hydrogen peroxide acts as bleach, it will even help you fight with pesky bloodstains. Don't forget to rinse in cold water after applying hydrogen peroxide.


Pet Friendly Solution

No matter how hard you try, your furry friends will never cease to amaze you with their stunts. In case your pet has eaten something toxic, give them a quick and small dose of hydrogen peroxide. The dosage is one teaspoon for every 10lbs of body weight and of 3% solution, nothing stronger. It will induce vomiting – don't worry; it will prove to be a live-saving act. Similarly, you can use hydrogen peroxide (sparingly) to keep your aquarium clean – this will keep fungus growth in check without harming fish.

I never knew that hydrogen peroxide was safe to consume in very small doses – did you? What other uses of hydrogen peroxide do you know?

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Definitely induce should your dog get a hold of chocolate - its poisonous. I had to do it to mine once.

Yes, it lightens hair beautifully.

Really? Thank u very use full article like the idea of using it on nail

It also lightens hair really well :)

Not all things that pets ingest should be treated by inducing vomiting. In some cases, this can worsen the problem. Consult your veterinarian.

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