The Best-Kept Secrets for Maximizing Closet Space Revealed ...


Are you dying to know some secrets to maximizing closet space? Not having enough closet space can be a huge issue. Every girl dreams of a closet with oodles of space. Even if your closet isn’t huge, you can make the most of it with these secrets to maximizing closet space.

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Get Rid of What You Don’t Wear

One of the secrets to maximizing closet space is to get rid of what you don’t wear. If you don’t wear it, then there’s no need to keep it. It’s taking up valuable closet space. If you get rid of stuff that you don’t wear, then you’ll be able to see what you have more clearly. If you haven’t worn it in a year, it’s probably time to let it go.


Store out of Season Clothing Elsewhere

You’re going to free up tons of room if you store out of season clothing elsewhere. Move your spring and summer stuff out when the season changes toward fall and winter and vice versa in the spring. This is a chore but it’s well worth doing. Store out of season clothing under a bed or somewhere else where it won’t be in your way. You’ll enjoy your closet so much more and be able to maximize the space you have.


Double Your Closet Rods

Many times, closets only have one closet rod. You can really maximize your space if you hang another rod in a lower area. This allows you to hang your tops and bottoms on two different rods. If you need room for dresses, you can certainly stagger the closet rods so that you only have one higher rod in the space you hang your dresses. But for the rest of the closet, doubling the rods is going to give you double the space.


Store Your Shoes Correctly

If your shoes litter the bottom of your closet, you need another storage solution. There are shoe racks that will get your shoes off the floor and maximize space by giving you multiple rows of shelving for them. You can also use an over the door shoe organizer. This is a great way to gain more closet space. The space on the inside of your closet door is space that often gets overlooked.


Buy or Make a Scarf Organizer

Scarves are very trendy and most of us have quite a few of them. Don’t let them take up more room than they should. Make or buy a scarf organizer. There are many tutorials for them online and they’re very cheap to make. A scarf organizer can keep all your scarves in one place and help maximize your closet space.


Make Use of Dead Space

Sometimes there’s a lot of dead space you aren’t using in your closet. Dead space is simply empty space that isn’t being utilized. Generally you’ll find dead space at the top or bottom of a closet. The top space can be used to hold additional shelving units. You can store totes or other items in the bottom of your closet.


Repurpose a Tie Hanger

Tie hangers can be used for more than just ties. You can use them for many different things. They’re great for hanging camis or tanks on. They can also be used to hang belts and even purses on. This is a great storage option to use.

These are 7 different ideas on how to maximize space in your closet. Do you have any secrets on maximizing closet space? Please share them here!

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The first one is on point... Need to get rid of what I don't wear or haven't worn in 3 years ..,Would have a lot of space

Side benefit of packing away "off season" clothing: it's like free shopping when seasons change and you don't remember what was packed away.

I've re-purposed a tie rack for my belts. It's a tie rack that hooks on your hanger rod and can be turned. It keeps all my belts much more organized.

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