35 Ways to Recycle Old CDs ...


35 Ways to Recycle Old CDs ...
35 Ways to Recycle Old CDs ...

The digital revolution hasn't quite yet killed off the CD. No matter how great it is to instantly download tunes, there's nothing quite like the art of an album sleeve, being able to read all the info and of course, having the lyrics so you can sing along. If however, you have digitalized everything, you might have a pile of old CDs and no know what to do with them. Enter me, stage left, with a few ideas.

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CD Mosaic Mirror

ViaTwo Easy Tutorials That Help ...
Ooh - shiny!


Mosaic Tile Birdbath

ViaMosaic Tile Birdbath using Recycled ...
I think it's too pretty to use as a bird bath.


This Mosaic Tile Birdbath is a great way to upcycle old CDs to create a beautiful and unique addition to any garden. It is easy to make and requires no special tools. The mosaic design is created with the CDs, which are cut into small pieces and then glued onto a terracotta pot. The end result is a stunning birdbath that will attract a variety of birds to your garden. It is also a great way to show off your creativity and add a personal touch to your outdoor space.


CD Art

Let your creative juices flow.


CD Art is an easy and creative way to recycle old CDs. It's a great way to turn a pile of unwanted CDs into something beautiful and unique. With a little bit of imagination and some supplies, you can transform an old CD into a piece of art.

You can use a variety of materials to create CD art. For example, you can use fabric, paper, paint, markers, and even buttons and beads. You can also use other items such as ribbons, lace, and yarn. The possibilities are endless.

To create CD art, start by cleaning the CD and then decide what materials you want to use. Next, apply the materials to the CD using glue or tape. You can also use a hot glue gun to attach the materials. Once the materials are attached, you can add embellishments such as buttons, beads, and ribbons.

Once your CD art is complete, you can display it in a variety of ways. You can hang it on a wall or place it on a shelf. You can also use it as a coaster or a trivet. You can even frame it and use it as a piece of artwork.

CD art is a great way to express your creativity and recycle old CDs.


Mosaic Address Plaque

ViaDIY Mosaic Address Plaque from ...
A bit of bling for the front of your home.



ViaNeed a use for those ...
Marbles and CDs - cool!


Recycled CD Bracelet

ViaRecycled CD Bracelet
Amazing things happen when you microwave CDs and the material is great for making jewelry.


Recycled CD bracelets are a great way to repurpose old CDs that are no longer in use. With a few simple materials, you can make a stylish and unique bracelet that will be a conversation starter. To make the bracelet, you will need an old CD, a pair of scissors, a piece of string, a lighter, and a needle. First, cut the CD into thin strips, and use the lighter to heat the edges of the strips to make them easier to bend. Then, thread the string through the needle and start threading the CD strips onto the string. Once all the strips have been added, tie the ends of the string together to complete the bracelet.

Recycled CD bracelets are a great way to express your creativity and show off your DIY skills. You can customize the bracelet by adding beads, charms, or other decorations to the CD strips. These bracelets also make great gifts for family and friends. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating unique and stylish recycled CD bracelets. So why not give it a try and see what you can create?


DIY Closet Dividers

Via50 Organizational Tips That'll Make ...
Great for separating baby clothes sizes or for those of us bouncing between sizes


CD Coasters

ViaStenciled CD/DVD Coasters - Crafts ...
Felt backed to stop them sliding around.


These vibrant coasters are not just functional but also a fabulous conversation starter. Each one has a unique pattern, and when you add your own touch with paint or stencils, you'll have a set that’s completely your own. To create these, simply glue some felt to the bottom of your old CDs or DVDs to prevent scratches on surfaces. Whether opting for geometric designs, abstract splatters, or thematic imagery, these coasters will protect your tables and showcase your creativity. Plus, they make for an eco-friendly housewarming gift – practical and thoughtful!



ViaCommunity Post: 18 Cool DIY ...
Oh wow. Wow. Wow.


This cool DIY lamp is a great way to recycle old CDs and give them a new life. It's a simple project that anyone can do with just a few supplies and a little bit of time. The lamp is made from CDs arranged in a spiral pattern, with a light bulb in the center. It's a great way to add a unique and modern touch to any room in your home.

The lamp is easy to assemble and requires no special tools or skills. All you need is a light bulb, some CDs, a drill and some glue. First, drill a hole in the center of each CD and attach them together in a spiral pattern. Then, insert the light bulb into the center of the spiral. Finally, glue the CDs together to secure them in place.

The lamp looks great in any room, and it's a great conversation starter. It's also a great way to show off your DIY skills and impress your friends. The lamp is also a great way to save money, as CDs are usually very inexpensive and easy to find. Plus, you can customize the lamp to fit your own style and taste.


Flower Planters

Make the in any color you like.


CDs are a great resource for crafting. Flower planters are a unique way to upcycle old CDs. All you need is a CD, a pair of scissors, some glue, and some paint. Cut the CD into two parts. Take the larger part and cut it into a spiral shape, creating a flower petal. Glue the petals together to form a flower. Paint the flower in any color you like and let it dry. Then, glue the flower onto the smaller part of the CD and fill it with soil and your favorite flower. This is a great way to add a pop of color to your garden or outdoor space.



ViaCD Necklace - JEWELRY AND ...
Another example of microwaved CD jewelry.


This unique necklace is a great example of how old CDs can be recycled and reused in a creative way. The necklace is made from an old CD that has been microwaved to create a unique and interesting design. The piece of jewelry is perfect for anyone looking to add a bit of sparkle and shine to their wardrobe.

Using recycled materials to create unique pieces of jewelry is becoming increasingly popular among eco-conscious consumers. Not only does it provide a way to reduce waste, but it also allows people to express their creativity in a unique way.

Making a necklace from an old CD is a relatively simple process. First, the CD is microwaved to create a unique pattern. This can be done by heating the CD for a few minutes and then allowing it to cool. Once the CD is cooled, it can be cut and shaped into a necklace. The edges of the CD can be smoothed with sandpaper and then the necklace can be finished with a clasp and chain.

Creating jewelry from recycled materials is a great way to reduce waste and add some unique pieces to your wardrobe. With a few simple steps, you can take an old CD and turn it into a beautiful necklace.


Animal Sculpture

ViaAnimal Sculptures Made of CD ...
I don't expect any of you will want to try this but I had to share. This was created by Australian artist Sean Avery. Stunning isn't it?


DIY Lamp

ViaDIY Lamps & Lights | ...
Clever hey?



ViaCommunity Post: 12 Amazing CD ...
An ingenious way to use old CDs for sheds or dog houses. Does anyone else think these look like dragon scales??



ViaSuncatcher Craft
So simple - keep the kids busy for a wee while.


Suncatchers are an easy and fun way to upcycle old CDs. All you need are a few basic supplies and some creativity to create a unique and beautiful suncatcher.

To make a suncatcher, you will need an old CD, scissors, a hole punch, and colorful tissue paper or ribbon. First, use the scissors to cut the CD into a circle or other shape of your choice. Next, use the hole punch to make a hole in the top of the CD. Then, cut the tissue paper or ribbon into strips and glue them to the CD. Finally, thread a piece of string or ribbon through the hole in the top of the CD and hang your suncatcher in a sunny window.

Suncatchers can also be decorated with beads, glitter, markers, and other craft supplies. You can even use a CD-ROM with a picture printed on it to make a more personalized suncatcher.

Suncatchers are a great way to get creative and make something beautiful out of something that would otherwise be thrown away. They are perfect for kids of all ages and can be hung in a window to create a beautiful display of light and color when the sun shines through.


Coin Purses

ViaRecycled CD Coin Purse
Some people are so clever aren't they?


This recycled CD coin purse is a great way to repurpose an old CD you may have lying around. It's a creative and fun way to make a unique item for yourself or to give away as a gift. To make this coin purse, you'll need an old CD, some fabric, a piece of felt, a zipper, and a few basic sewing supplies. Start by cutting the fabric and felt into circles that are slightly larger than the CD. Then, attach the zipper to the fabric and felt circles, and sew them together. Finally, attach the CD to the top of the purse and you have a one-of-a-kind coin purse. With some simple materials and a bit of creativity, you can have a stylish and eco-friendly coin purse.


Cheap Disco Ball

Via12 Creative Things To Do ...
This will liven up any party decor.


This cheap disco ball is the perfect way to spice up any party. Not only is it an easy DIY project, it's also an eco-friendly way to recycle old CDs. All you need to do is glue the CDs to the ball in a pattern of your choosing, and you have a unique and eye-catching decoration. Hang it up in your living room or backyard and watch as the light reflects off the shiny CDs and transforms your space into a dance floor. This is a great way to add a little bit of fun to any event and is sure to be a hit with your guests.


DIY Greenhouse Made from CD Cases

ViaCD Case Greenhouse Tutorial - ...
If you're recycling CDs, what to do with all the cases? Why make a greenhouse of course! Obvious - right?


Earring Stand

ViaBest DIY Ideas: Make Earring ...
I guess you could make this with multiple tiers.


This DIY project is a great way to repurpose old CDs to make a unique earring stand. All you need is an old CD, a piece of cardboard, and some glue. First, trace the CD onto the cardboard and cut out the circle. Then, glue the circle of cardboard onto the CD and let it dry. You can use the stand to hang your favorite earrings and keep them organized. This is a great way to upcycle old CDs and create a stylish and useful accessory for your home.


Wind Chime

ViaCoffee Can CD Wind Chime ...
A coffee can and CDs - easy peasy.


This Wind Chime is a great way to recycle old CDs and turn them into something unique and beautiful. It is easy to make with just a coffee can and some CDs and can be hung up anywhere to add a little bit of extra fun to your home. This project is perfect for people who want to get creative and make something special with items they already have. It is also a great way to add a bit of music to your outdoor space. Hang it up in the garden or on the patio and enjoy the soothing sound of the wind chimes.



ViaRecycled CD and Vinyl Album ...
Made from a vinyl LP (if you're not old enough to remember these, ask your mom about them ^_^) and CDs.


This clock is a great way to upcycle old CDs and vinyl albums. It is constructed by cutting out the center of a vinyl LP and attaching a clock mechanism to the back. The clock face is then created by using the cut out pieces of the LP and adding numbers to the clock face. This is a great way to repurpose old CDs and vinyl albums, while adding a unique and stylish piece of decor to any room. The article, "35 Ways to Recycle Old CDs ...", was published on a women-focused blog in the DIY category. It provides step-by-step instructions on how to make this clock, as well as other creative ways to upcycle CDs and vinyl albums.



Make a hanging wall organizer with old CDs and some scraps of fabric. Very neat and practical way to recycle and reuse.


This wall organizer is a great way to repurpose old CDs and fabric scraps. It's a simple project that can be completed in a short amount of time, and it's a great way to keep your home organized and clutter-free. The organizer can be used to store items such as keys, jewelry, and small trinkets. It can also be used to hang photos and other decorations. The wall organizer is a great way to add a personal touch to your home while also helping the environment by recycling old CDs.


CD Spinner Toys

ViaHomemade CD Spinner Toy - ...
Something for the kids.


CD Spinner Toys are a great way to repurpose old CDs. They are easy to make with minimal materials and require no special tools. All you need is a CD, a few paper clips, and some string or yarn. Simply attach the paper clips to each side of the CD and tie the string or yarn to each paper clip. Then, hold the CD by the string and spin it around. This can be a great activity for kids or adults. You can even decorate the CD with paint or markers to make it more fun. With a little creativity, you can make a unique and enjoyable toy from something that would otherwise end up in the trash.


Recycled CD Mosaic Flower Pot

ViaMake it easy crafts: Recycled ...
I guess once you know how to do CD mosaic you can use it on anything you're inspired by.


This Recycled CD Mosaic Flower Pot is a creative way to repurpose old CDs and make something beautiful. This project is easy to make and requires only a few materials. All you need is some old CDs, a flower pot, glue, and some grout. You can also use any kind of paint or other decorating materials to make the flower pot look unique. With a little bit of creativity, you can create a one-of-a-kind flower pot that will be sure to stand out in your garden or living room. This project is perfect for anyone looking for a fun and creative way to repurpose old CDs. It is a great addition to the list of 35 Ways to Recycle Old CDs, featured in a women-focused DIY blog.


Kitchen Coaster

ViaDIY Project – 8 ways ...
Use the CD as a base.


This Kitchen Coaster is a great way to recycle old CDs. It's a simple DIY project that can be completed in just a few minutes. All you need is an old CD, some felt, and a hot glue gun. Cut the felt into a circle that fits the CD, then glue the felt to the CD. Make sure to leave some space around the edge of the CD so that water can drain away. Once it's dry, your coaster is ready to use. This project is a great way to upcycle old CDs and add a unique touch to your kitchen.


Organizational Tip

Might as well give you an for how to use blank CD cases while I'm here. Store cables in CD spindles.


Twine Container

ViaTips & Tricks To Make ...
Upcycle a CD Container to Store Twine : another great idea for reusing old things! Just a thought, you could use it for ribbon storage too.



ViaJunk Drawer Decor | I ...
Keep those pesky birds away from your precious plants.


The scarecrow is a classic way to keep birds away from your garden, and it's a great way to recycle old CDs! To make your own, simply attach CDs to a wooden frame or post, and stuff the frame with hay or straw. You can also attach old clothes or fabric to make it look more realistic. For an extra touch, add a hat or a face to the scarecrow. This is a fun and easy way to repurpose old CDs and keep your garden safe!


Crocheted Purse

ViaMis 100 y más creatividades
A purse unique to you.


CD Clock

ViaUpcycle Us
Two lots of recycling in on project - old magazines and an old CD.


Shirt Collar

ViaDIY Fashion
How unusual.


A shirt collar is a great way to add a unique, stylish touch to an old CD. It can be done by cutting the CD in half and attaching it to the neckline of a shirt. This is a great way to add a personalized touch to any outfit. It can be done with a variety of colors and patterns, making it a fun and creative way to recycle an old CD. This project is perfect for anyone who loves to express their creativity and have a unique style. It is also a great way to show your appreciation for upcycling and sustainability. With a few simple materials and a bit of time, you can create a stylish and unique shirt collar.


Recycled CD Photo Frame

ViaItems similar to Recycled CD ...
A cute way to display your treasured pictures.


pictures is by transforming an old CD into a stylish photo frame. With a bit of creativity, you can easily adorn the shiny surface of the disc with paints, glitter, or even some fabric to create a unique border. Carefully glue your chosen photo onto the CD, ensuring it's centered over the hole to give your picture an eye-catching floating effect. Add a stand or a hook on the back, and voilà! You've fashioned an eco-friendly piece of art that not only adds a personalized touch to your home but also helps reduce waste.


CD Tealight Holder

ViaMake a CD Tealight Holder
The color comes from painting the CD before baking it and shaping it.



Can you believe this is made from recycled CDs? I'm really quite impressed by this stuff.


This bracelet is a great example of how to recycle old CDs. It was created by Great Green Goods, a company that specializes in creating eco-friendly products. The bracelet is made from recycled CDs, which are cut into small pieces and then arranged in a unique pattern. The pieces are then secured with a strong adhesive. The bracelet has a glossy finish that makes it look stylish and modern. It's a great way to reduce waste and give new life to old CDs. This bracelet is a great example of how to be creative and eco-friendly at the same time.


Room Divider

ViaDIY Project – 8 ways ...
Nice! Just a case of painting CDs and stringing them together.

I’m precious about my CDs and won’t be getting rid of them! I still have all my vinyl records. What do you normally do with old CDs?

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Very cool ideas here! Thx for all of the great pics! :-)

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