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35 Ways to Recycle Old CDs ...

By Neecey

The digital revolution hasn't quite yet killed off the CD. No matter how great it is to instantly download tunes, there's nothing quite like the art of an album sleeve, being able to read all the info and of course, having the lyrics so you can sing along. If however, you have digitalized everything, you might have a pile of old CDs and no know what to do with them. Enter me, stage left, with a few ideas.

1 CD Mosaic Mirror

CD Mosaic Mirror Via Two Easy Tutorials That Help ...
Ooh - shiny!

2 Mosaic Tile Birdbath

Mosaic Tile Birdbath Via Mosaic Tile Birdbath using Recycled ...
I think it's too pretty to use as a bird bath.

3 CD Art

CD Art Via
Let your creative juices flow.

4 Mosaic Address Plaque

Mosaic Address Plaque Via DIY Mosaic Address Plaque from ...
A bit of bling for the front of your home.

5 Votive

Votive Via Need a use for those ...
Marbles and CDs - cool!

6 Recycled CD Bracelet

Recycled CD Bracelet Via Recycled CD Bracelet
Amazing things happen when you microwave CDs and the material is great for making jewelry.

7 DIY Closet Dividers

DIY Closet Dividers Via 50 Organizational Tips That'll Make ...
Great for separating baby clothes sizes or for those of us bouncing between sizes

8 CD Coasters

CD Coasters Via Stenciled CD/DVD Coasters - Crafts ...
Felt backed to stop them sliding around.

9 Lamp

Lamp Via Community Post: 18 Cool DIY ...
Oh wow. Wow. Wow.

10 Flower Planters

Flower Planters Via Handimania
Make the in any color you like.

11 Necklace

Necklace Via CD Necklace - JEWELRY AND ...
Another example of microwaved CD jewelry.

12 Animal Sculpture

Animal Sculpture Via Animal Sculptures Made of CD ...
I don't expect any of you will want to try this but I had to share. This was created by Australian artist Sean Avery. Stunning isn't it?

13 DIY Lamp

DIY Lamp Via DIY Lamps & Lights | ...
Clever hey?

14 Roofing

Roofing Via Community Post: 12 Amazing CD ...
An ingenious way to use old CDs for sheds or dog houses. Does anyone else think these look like dragon scales??

15 Suncatcher

Suncatcher Via Suncatcher Craft
So simple - keep the kids busy for a wee while.

16 Coin Purses

Coin Purses Via Recycled CD Coin Purse
Some people are so clever aren't they?

17 Cheap Disco Ball

Cheap Disco Ball Via 12 Creative Things To Do ...
This will liven up any party decor.

18 DIY Greenhouse Made from CD Cases

DIY Greenhouse Made from CD Cases Via CD Case Greenhouse Tutorial - ...
If you're recycling CDs, what to do with all the cases? Why make a greenhouse of course! Obvious - right?

19 Earring Stand

Earring Stand Via Best DIY Ideas: Make Earring ...
I guess you could make this with multiple tiers.

20 Wind Chime

Wind Chime Via Coffee Can CD Wind Chime ...
A coffee can and CDs - easy peasy.

21 Clock

Clock Via Recycled CD and Vinyl Album ...
Made from a vinyl LP (if you're not old enough to remember these, ask your mom about them ^_^) and CDs.

22 Organizer

Organizer Via
Make a hanging wall organizer with old CDs and some scraps of fabric. Very neat and practical way to recycle and reuse.

23 CD Spinner Toys

CD Spinner Toys Via Homemade CD Spinner Toy - ...
Something for the kids.

24 Recycled CD Mosaic Flower Pot

Recycled CD Mosaic Flower Pot Via Make it easy crafts: Recycled ...
I guess once you know how to do CD mosaic you can use it on anything you're inspired by.

25 Kitchen Coaster

Kitchen Coaster Via DIY Project – 8 ways ...
Use the CD as a base.

26 Organizational Tip

Organizational Tip Via
Might as well give you an for how to use blank CD cases while I'm here. Store cables in CD spindles.

27 Twine Container

Twine Container Via Tips & Tricks To Make ...
Upcycle a CD Container to Store Twine : another great idea for reusing old things! Just a thought, you could use it for ribbon storage too.

28 Scarecrow

Scarecrow Via Junk Drawer Decor | I ...
Keep those pesky birds away from your precious plants.

29 Crocheted Purse

Crocheted Purse Via Mis 100 y más creatividades
A purse unique to you.

30 CD Clock

CD Clock Via Upcycle Us
Two lots of recycling in on project - old magazines and an old CD.

31 Shirt Collar

Shirt Collar Via DIY Fashion
How unusual.

32 Recycled CD Photo Frame

Recycled CD Photo Frame Via Items similar to Recycled CD ...
A cute way to display your treasured pictures.

33 CD Tealight Holder

CD Tealight Holder Via Make a CD Tealight Holder
The color comes from painting the CD before baking it and shaping it.

34 Bracelet

Bracelet Via
Can you believe this is made from recycled CDs? I'm really quite impressed by this stuff.

35 Room Divider

Room Divider Via DIY Project – 8 ways ...
Nice! Just a case of painting CDs and stringing them together.

I’m precious about my CDs and won’t be getting rid of them! I still have all my vinyl records. What do you normally do with old CDs?

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