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7 Eco-Friendly Things You Can Easily do Today ...

By Eliza

I’m an avid believer in taking care of the world, so eco-friendly things top my list of priorities. The surprising truth is that these things don’t take all that much effort and they make me feel good that I’m doing the right thing on a daily basis. So don’t be afraid to get started – even just a small step makes a difference and can spur you on to making more environmentally conscious decisions. Start with these easy eco-friendly things and the rest will soon follow.

1 Get a Recycling Tub

Is it really any harder to toss it in a recycling tub than it is to put it in the trashcan? Get yourself a separate can for recyclables and you’ll have a handy place to throw cans, glass, paper and cardboard without any extra effort. Call your trash company and sign up for recycling pick-up and all you have to do is haul it to the curb on trash day and you’re done. There aren’t many eco-friendly things easier than that!

2 Buy Less Packaging

The first way I started this step was by skipping the produce bags at the grocery store. There’s no reason why you can’t just pile the tomatoes and apples in your cart loose, right? The clerk will place them in a bag for you before you leave, so why take one you don’t really need? At the same time, you can buy items with less packaging or make the commitment to choose items that come in recyclable packaging.

3 Bring Your Bags

Many stores will give you a small discount for bringing your own bags. At the same time, you can save energy and free up space in the landfills by reusing your bags when you shop. Buy cloth bags at your favorite supermarket, or sew your own out of heavy-duty canvas. Just make sure you remember to put them back in the car so you have them next time.

4 Turn off the Car

When you’re waiting for the kids at school or taking a lunch break in the car, you don’t have to leave it running. That just emits harmful gases into the ozone. You can still listen to radio with the battery, so turn it off and you can feel good about doing your part to keep the air clean for our kids.

5 Use Less Water

Whether you’re washing dishes or taking a shower, it’s pretty easy to reduce your water usage. Not only does that save you money on your water bill, but it helps preserve one of our most necessary natural resources. Turn the water off while you brush your teeth, take shorter showers and only turn on the faucet when you need to rinse the dishes. Pay attention to water restrictions in your area because you can get a hefty fine for overdoing it.

6 Reuse Stuff

I’m a master at reusing things I have lying around the house instead of throwing them away. For example, I turn old sweaters and blankets into throw pillows for the couch and beds. By reusing something you’d otherwise throw away, you can get a new functional item and keep the landfills from overflowing. Check Pinterest for great ideas!

7 Compost

Let me just start by saying that I used my compost for the first time in my garden last summer and I got so much food I still have some frozen in my freezer. Composting is super easy. Just get a bucket or dig a hole in your backyard and toss in your food scraps. You can’t put meat or grease in, but eggshells, coffee grounds, tea bags, fruit and vegetable seeds, peels and rinds, cloth, newspaper and leaves can all go in. Periodically mix your compost. When it turns black, you can spread it in your garden.

How do you protect the environment? Which of these easy steps will you try first?

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